The War of the Gargantuas (Soundtrack)

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The War of the Gargantuas
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The War of the Gargantuas Soundtrack
The cover for the DVD
Composed by Akira Ifukube
Released 1997
# of tracks 44

The soundtrack for The War of the Gargantuas was released in 1997, with music by Akira Ifukube.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

Original Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. Main Title
  2. Giant Octopus: The Devil of the Sea
  3. Terror of the Stormy Seas
  4. The Marine Safety Agency
  5. The Tragedy of the Kaijinmaru 3
  6. Akemi's Memories
  7. Green Gargantua at the Ocean Bottom
  8. Terror at Miura Peninsula
  9. Frankenstein's Cells I
  10. Footprints in the Snow-Covered Valley
  11. Emergency at Haneda Airport
  12. Feel In My Heart
  13. Operation L - March I
  14. Operation L - March II
  15. Wiring Complete
  16. Operation L - March III
  17. Operation L - March IV
  18. The Appearance of Brown Gargantua
  19. Brown Gargantua and Green Gargantua
  20. Frankenstein's Cells II
  21. Brown Gargantua and Akemi
  22. Brown Gargantua's Rage
  23. Green Gargantua Flees
  24. Green Gargantua Comes Ashore
  25. Brown Gargantua Heads to Tokyo
  26. Brown Gargantua vs. Green Gargantua I
  27. Attack Green Gargantua!
  28. Brown Gargantua vs. Green Gargantua II
  29. Battle to the Death at the Volcano on the Ocean Floor
  30. Ending

Collection of Edited Songs[edit | edit source]

31. M12T1
32. New M14
33. New M19
34. M26RR – Edited portions
35. Birthplace I PS-182 Chorus T3
36. Birthplace II PS-182 Solo T2
37. Birthplace III (End) PS-183 T1
38. Birthplace IV (End) PS-183 T2
39. 10,000 Feet In The Alps (End)
40. PS – Brown Gargantua – Karaoke

Sound Effects[edit | edit source]

41. The Voice of Green Gargantua
42. Sound of the Maser Beam Firing
43. The Voice of Brown Gargantua
44. "The War of the Gargantuas" - Preview Version


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