Unnamed alien race (Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster)

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Unnamed alien race
The aliens in Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster
Pawns Geharha
Enemies Humans
First appearance Geharha: The Dark and
Long Haired Monster
Surrender, Terrans! This planet is ours!

— The aliens' leader (Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster)

An unnamed alien race appear briefly in the 2009 kaiju short film Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The aliens take on a humanoid appearance. They wear blue and reflective suits and gloves, with a texture similar to tin foil, and a black belt with a blue, circular ornament in the front. Their heads appear to be completely bald and in the same color as the suit. On their heads they have objects which look like sunglasses, but are presumably visors.

History[edit | edit source]

Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster[edit | edit source]

After Geharha meets its demise and falls into a river, a flying saucer appears out of nowhere and retrieves the dead monster while hovering above the water. Suddenly, the interior of the UFO is broadcasted throughout Japan, showing blue, humanoid aliens. The presumed leader of the aliens threatens the world to surrender or Geharha will be revived and released to wreak havoc again. The saucer brings Geharha into the civilization and revives it, presumably because mankind refused to surrender. Geharha is, once again, free to roam cities, but this time Geharha appears much stronger than before.

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