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Image gallery for Doggross

Doggross in Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd
Species Mutian
Height 190 centimeters
Weight 72 kilograms
Controlled by Crown
Relations Crown (Creators)
Allies Crown
Enemies Guyferd
Designed by Junichi Osako
First appearance Guyferd Episode 2: "In Peril! Go"

Doggross[1] (ドグロス,   Dogurosu) is a Mutian kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 2 of the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Guyferd titled "In Peril! Go".



"In Peril! Go"

When he was mutated, Doggross was experimented on with medications designed to ensure his obedience in order to avoid the rebelliousness seen in his predecessor. He was called into action when a Mutian designated "M17" escaped confinement. Two Guyborgs were dispatched to contain him, but were outmatched. Megumi Shion summoned Doggross to defeat him. The snake-like Mutian bounded into the fray, leaping over Shion and another scientist to get there. He quickly defeated M17 with a single Doggro Punch, but the exertion made his medication begin to wear off, causing him great pain which allowed the Guyborgs to escort him to confinement.

Crown then set a trap for their escaped project, Go Kazama. They lured Rei and Yu Kujo to an abandoned building with a false lead on a missing person they were searching for, and Doggross was waiting for them. A Kenoryu student named Kido had accompanied them, and tried to defend them from Doggross, but he was no match for the Mutian's might. Before Doggross could finish him, Kazama appeared and the two began to fight. However, Doggross' medication began to wear off, and two Guyborgs came to collect him. Crown's coordinator Mr. Bikross ordered that all Mutians be outfitted with brain implants to induce obedience, and Doggross was sent out again in another trap for Kazama. Lying in wait at a railyard, he cornered the Kujos again after they escaped a human detective working for Crown. The kids tried to run, but Doggross was always too quick for them to escape. He was then kicked in the back of the head by Kazama. They did battle, with Doggross urging him to abandon his human form and to make use of his true power in the Guyferd form. He continued to egg the man on, claiming that humans were weak and inferior, which triggered the transformation. A short way into the ensuing fight, Doggross tanked Guyferd's signature star fist attack, but was blasted back by a flurry of flame punches and exploded.


Dogro Punch

Dogro Punch is a green mass of ki that can be launched from Doggross' fist


Doggross is limited by the sedatives he takes to ensure his obedience. If he operates for too long, they will wear off and he will be unable to continue fighting.


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