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Mr. Bikross
Mr. Bikross
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Evil overseer
First appearance Guyferd episode 1,
"The Birth of Guyferd!"
Played by Ken Okabe
Donimation of all life forms on Earth, starting with humans. That's Crown's highest objective

— Mr. Bikross to Crown officials in "In Peril! Go"

Mr. Bikross (ミスターバイクロス,   Misutā Baikurosu) is the head of Crown and main antagonist of Guyferd created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the series titled The Birth of Guyferd!. He is the figurehead of the evil Crown organization, a company operating with the facade of using its investors' funds to create advanced technologies. In reality, they plan to misuse their scientific advancements in pursuit of world domination.



"The Birth of Guyferd!"

After accidentally creating a monster, Professor Takeo Shiroishi tried to burn his research and abandon the project. Bikross then came to him to politely inform him that his research had already been copied and that he was being replaced as head of the experiments with the Fallah virus by Megumi Shion. He then got back in his car and had the Professor taken back to Crown, where Bikross sat in a meeting where scientist Minoh presented his ultimate soldiers: Guyborgs. However, Bikross had Shion present her Fallah mutants with footage of one besting three Guyborgs in combat from the earlier incident, and a board member proposed joining the two forces together, to Bikross' devilish delight. When Shion notified him that Masato Kazama's brother Go had returned to Japan, she asked for him to be used as a subject for her Fallah research, but he was instead given to Minoh for Guyborg transformation. When Go finally awoke, Bikross welcomed him to Crown, and informed him of his status as a Guyborg, a soldier to protect the world before demonstrating Kazama's newfound power by firing upon him with a gun hidden in the walls. Before alarms sounded and they were informed that the facility was under attack from the inside. Shion came to inform him that her Mutian test subject Jerks had escaped, and Guyborgs would be sent to stop him in a competition to see which soldier was superior. When the fire became too widespread to contain, Bikross gave the order to abandon the building.

"In Peril! Go"

While having a board meeting with Minoh, Shion, and other Crown officials, Bikross declared that Mutians would be used as an elite task force while Guyborgs would support their operations as footsoldiers. While they spoke, a weak Mutian escaped confinement, causing Shion to run and deal with the problem. Afterwards, he ordered her to work together with Minoh to create cybernetic brain modifications to ensure Mutian obedience. Shion then sent Doggross out again and the implant proved ineffective. Bikross chastised her recklessness as the Mutian was put under for surgery with a new and undisclosed means of control.





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