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Gas Man
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Directed by Shinzo Katayama
Producer(s) Yeon Sang-ho
Written by Yeon Sang-ho
Production companies TOHO Studios, WOW POINT
Channel(s) Netflix
Episodes 8[1]
This article concerns an upcoming subject, and will be updated with new information as it arises.
This page is for the upcoming television series. For the film upon which it based, see The Human Vapor. For the titular Gas Man, see Human Vapor.

Gas Man (Japanese: ガス人間,   Gasu Ningen, Korean: 가스인간 Gaseu Ingan) is an upcoming Japanese-Korean science fiction Netflix series written and showran by Yeon Sang-ho and directed by Shinzo Katayama, based on the 1960 Toho tokusatsu film The Human Vapor written by Takeshi Kimura. Produced by TOHO Studios of Japan and WOW POINT of South Korea, it will star Yu Aoi and Shun Oguri.[1]


A bank robber surrenders himself to the police, and reveals while in custody that he can turn himself into vapor as a result of illegal human experimentation.[1]


Toho approached Yeon Sang-ho with the proposal for Gas Man prior to his directing of Parasyte: The Grey. The show was first reported by Ilgan Sports on May 7, 2024.[1]


Gas Man will be shot in Japan, with filming set to begin in the second half of 2024.[1]


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