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Leader Gamoni, Sunerian Queen
Enemies Space Godzillas, Sphinx Princess, Sphinx Prince
First appearance "A Space Godzilla"

The Sunerians are an alien race that appeared in the 1979 illustrated short story "A Space Godzilla", published in Starlog magazine.


"A Space Godzilla"

The Sunerians, commanded by Gamoni and the Sunerian Queen, invaded Godzilla Planet and engaged the Space Godzillas in battle. They shot down Rozan, and afterward Gamoni and the Sunerian Queen wiped out waves of Space Godzillas. During this battle, a group of sphinxes lead by the Sphinx Prince blew up the palace containing the Sunerian forces. After the palace had been destroyed, the Sunerian troops were wiped out one by one, however they managed to bring down the Sphinx Prince during this time. The Sphinx Princess managed to make the Sunerian Queen retreat at the end of the battle. Later on, the Sunerian general Gamoni was defeated in combat by Kunin and Lilin.


  • The Sunerians are described as being all female in the story.


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