Megaloman (1979)

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Toho Company, Limited Series
Megaloman title sequence

Air Date May 7, 1979 - December 24, 1979
Distributed by Toho
Channel Fuji TV
Genre Kyodai Hero
Episodes 31

Megaloman (メガロマン,   Megaroman) is a Japanese tokusatsu kaiju series produced by Toho that ran from May 7 to December 24, 1979.

From episode 14 to 31 the show's title was changed to Flaming Superman Megaloman (炎の超人メガロマン,   Honō no Chōjin Megaroman).


At an unknown position in space, a planet existed known as Rosetta, home to two coexisting tribes: the Black Stars and Manes. These two tribes were lifelong rivals, transforming Rosetta in to a battleground. Meanwhile, an astronaut from planet Earth became lost in space and eventually arrived on Rosetta. There, the man fell in love with a Mane woman named Rosemary, and the two married. Rosemary then later gave birth to twins, who became separated at age 3 by a huge ethnic conflict between the tribes, ending in Rosetta falling under full Black Star control. Unbeknownst to the family, a Black Star named Smeller had kidnapped the boy and began raising him as his own. During his time on Rosetta, the Earthly man acquired special bracelets which transforms him into a superhero named Megaloman. He attempted to fight against the Black Star but was presumed dead, with his bracelets being passed on to one of his sons. The Black Stars then set their sights on Earth, the planet which Rosemary and her son Takashi had planned on fleeing to. Fleeing to Earth as planned, Rosemary trained her son in martial arts. With this training combined with Takashi's father's Megaloman bracelets, Takashi was entrusted with protecting Earth from the Black Stars, who had then appointed a new commander named Captain Dagger.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Yumoto Kitazume   as   Takashi
  • Madoka Sugi   as   Ran
  • Pepe Hozumi   as   Heikai
  • Jimmy Araki   as   Seiji
  • Koji Hashimitsuru   as   Ippei
  • Junji Yamaoka   as   Minoto
  • Yuki Tabayashi   as   Mary
  • Takashisei Inoue   as   Takamine
  • Jun Murakami   as   Japan Action Club Attendant
  • Yoshinobu Reisui   as   Japan Action Club Attendant


  1. The Fiery Superman Strikes
  2. The Bracelets of Friendship
  3. The Shout of the Space Team
  4. Appearance of the Magnetic Monster
  5. The Star of Mt Hoshimigoka
  6. Order: Operation Invasion
  7. Fighting the Warrior of Love
  8. On Guard, Small Hero
  9. A UFO and a Dead Soldier in the Sea
  10. Combat in the Crime Army
  11. Battle For Command
  12. The Great Challenge
  13. The Battle of the Monsters
  14. The Earth's Children are Threatened
  15. Inner Conflict
  16. The Mask of Gold
  17. Where is the Secret Base?
  18. Proof Positive
  19. The Secret of the Scales
  20. The Great Invasion of Monsters
  21. The Heroism of Mary
  22. The Secret of the Megalo-Fire
  23. Infernal Prisoner
  24. Blood Urge
  25. The Death of Seiji
  26. The Monster Zagno Zvider
  27. A Providential Aide
  28. The Sacrifice of Hyme
  29. Takeshi - Don't Shoot the Monster!
  30. Dagger's Counterattack
  31. The Ultimate Challenge


Characters and Monsters

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WBC the Seijin Fan

19 months ago
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somebody really needs to fansub this!


19 months ago
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Agreed. The first episode was subbed, however the rest are left unloved unfortunately.