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Y-MSF is a Japanese company that has produced a line of 6-inch scale Godzilla figures starting in 2002.


Y-MSF is a Japanese figure manufacturing company that, according to their website, aims to develop figures that cannot be imitated by other manufactures.

Y-MSF figures are high-quality, with sculpting that focuses on replicating the suits used to portray the kaiju. They also tend to make figures of lesser-known, more obscure kaiju that other companies would often overlook, such as Varan, Gabara, Megalon, Manda, etc. However, Y-MSF figures are released in limited numbers. Variants of monsters such as glow-in-the-dark, sparkle, or colored translucent figures, are usually limited to 50 pieces. Standard releases are more common, usually limited to 400 pieces.


Upcoming releases

Several new figures have been announced on Y-MSF's website. Some of them are figures of new kaiju, with others being different variants of already released kaiju. The website only mentions the release of each figure as "coming soon," instead of providing a specific release date.

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