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Godzilla Origins was a brand associated with a variety of American-released Godzilla products starting in 1999 and continuing to see use up until 2013. The most notable items released under this brand were items from ToyVault Inc. but it was also used for the X-PLUS USA polystone chess pieces, the Moore Creations limited edition snow globe and ornament and the American Greetings ornaments.




Unreleased plushes



X-Plus USA

Polystone Chess Pieces

Moore Creations, Inc.

  • Snowglobe
    • Limited to 3000 pieces
  • Ornament
    • Limited to 6500 pieces

Both the snow globe and ornament were sculpted by Matt Krivicke.

American Greetings

  • 2005 Ornament - "Godzilla Is Coming To Town" with lights and sound.
  • 2006 Ornament - "Godzilla Greetings" with sound and moveable pieces. The base featured a sticker line of Heisei era monsters.
    • An additional ornament was released in 2006 outside of the "Heirloom Collection" featuring sound.
  • 2007 Ornament - with lights, lenticular images of the Showa era monsters, and sound.
  • 2008 Ornament - with lights and sound.
  • 2009 Ornament - with lights and sound.
  • 2010 Ornament - with lights and sound.
  • 2011 Ornament - with lights and sound.
  • 2012 Ornament - with lights and sound.
  • 2013 Ornament - with lights and sound.

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3 months ago
Score 0
(sees hedorah plush)ITS SO FLUFFY THAT IM GOING TO DIE(i think isaid that right


3 months ago
Score 0
Love the battra plushes, too bad they're so much second-hand (if you can even find them)


18 months ago
Score 0
Why does Hedorah have hair and why does King Ghidorah have 4 legs instead of 2? They are still cute,although.


18 months ago
Score 1
Hedorah has hair because he’s in plush form, and the fuzz actually replicates his slimy figure pretty well. And the quadrupedal Ghidorah is Kaiser (or Keizer) Ghidorah, completely different character.


46 months ago
Score 0
These things are so funny to look at >XD The Hedorah and Mothra Larva plushes especially.
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Toy Line
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Fire Rodan
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