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The Tagruato Corporation, or simply Tagruato (タグラート,   Tagurāto) is a fictional Japanese mining company that first appeared in the 2008 film Cloverfield, the company is owned by Ganu Yoshida and are irresponsible for their actions. The company awakened Clover while mining for Seabed Nectar, a dangerous chemical that when taken in huge quantities builds up pressure all the way to your head and blows it up as seen in Cloverfield, to fuel their main product called "Slusho!".


Cloverfield alternate-reality game and film

Tagruato Corporation's purpose is deep sea drilling for resources that are valuable and useful for the global market. In 1989, an engineer named Ganu Yoshida and his investors purchased a company now known as the "Tagruato Corporation". They have underwater drilling stations that can withstand the extreme pressures of the ocean to gather Petroleum and other precious metals. It gave them access to natural resources that lie below the ocean floor, which lead toward the awakening of Clover and the destruction of New York. The company did not only gather Petroleum, so it moved on to another abundance of resources they had found just recently called, "Seabed Nectar" to supply their new product "Slusho!" which is the key ingredient that makes the drinker addicted and a bit high.

In the film, Clover attacked New York City during the going-away party of Robert Hawkins, who Slusho! had just hired as its Vice President of Marketing and Promotions.[1] His brother Jason wore a Slusho! shirt to the party. While attempting to cross the Brooklyn Bridge early in the monster's rampage, his friend Hudson Platt filmed a Tagruato VLCC tanker in flames.

10 Cloverfield Lane alternate-reality game and film

Two Tagruato Easter eggs appear in the film: a Slusho! sign at the gas station Michelle visits, and a piece of mail from Bold Futura to Howard Stambler briefly shown as she works to restart the bunker's air ventilation system.

The Cloverfield Paradox alternate-reality game and film

Three Tagruato Easter eggs appear in the film: audio from a Slusho! radio ad briefly plays alongside the Bad Robot logo, the word "Tagruato" itself appears on an electrical panel, and a Slusho! bobblehead rattles during the first successful test of the Shepard Particle Accelerator.



Tagruato is a company that had discovered a pod-like object deep in the ocean 15 years ago and transported it to Japan and which the "Repose of the Earth" cult had referred to as a "Remnant of God". The pod sent electromagnetic waves to Clover which was now known to be the monster currently attacking Japan and destroyed several of the company's ships.


  • Despite its prominence in the Cloverfield viral marketing campaign, Slusho! was not originally created for the movie. It first appeared in an unidentified episode of the TV series Kenan and Kel, which ran from 1996 to 2000, where it was spelled "Slush-O".[2] It next appeared in a 2001 episode of Alias, created by Cloverfield producer J.J. Abrams, and two 2007 episodes of Heroes, which aired after the start of the Cloverfield viral marketing campaign. Since the film's release, it has become a recurring Easter egg in Abrams's works, with sightings in Fringe, Star Trek, Super 8, and 11.22.63.
  • Star Trek also features a Tagruato building positioned near the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Tagruato CEO Ganu Yoshida appears in the 2018 Cloverfield fan film Megan, which sought to link the original film with 10 Cloverfield Lane. He is played by Garret T. Sato.


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