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"Aso, Kumamoto, Hinokuni"
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"Aso, Kumamoto, Hinokuni"
Title card for "Aso, Kumamoto, Hinokuni"
Series Godziban (Hedoji Adventures)
Episode # 10 (overall), 1 (Hedoji Adventures)
Directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Written by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Air date October 11, 2019

"Aso, Kumamoto, Hinokuni" (火の国・熊本阿蘇編,   Hinokuni Kumamoto Aso Hen) is the tenth overall episode of Godziban and the first episode of its Hedoji Adventures segment. It was released to YouTube on October 11, 2019.


Hedoji Adventures is formatted similarly to the Master of Monsters: Hedoji segment, with Hedochi asking Hedoji about various user-submitted topics while traveling through a given location. This episode features the duo visiting Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture in the region of Hinokuni. The topics discussed and Twitter users who submitted them are as follows:

  • "Why aren't great people more proud?" (どうして本当に偉い人は、偉そうじゃないの?) by Ushino (@uginoa)[1]
  • "What happens when you haven't given up, even after failing?" (失敗しても諦めなかったその先には何があるの?) by Kemushi (@kemushingodzi16)[2]
  • "What is Hedoji's ideal living environment?" (ヘドじいの理想の住みやすい環境はどういうの?) by Kid's Meal (@Viglyacfb9iQ6wg)[3]
  • "What can you do to always appear happy?" (どうすれば、どんなことにも前向きに取り組めるようになるの?) by Keita Shinoyama (@huetakeshi)[4]
  • "Why are humans always in dispute?" (どうして人間同士で醜い争いばかりするの?) by Urutora Mantaro (@MANTARO_Npro)[5]

Hedoji answers the last question by explaining that even kaiju, who are much different from humans, are constantly fighting and will always continue to do so. The roars of several monsters are then heard, including Baragon, Mothra, Anguirus, and Godzilla. At the very end, Rodan is also heard and his shadow appears on the ground as he flies overhead. Godzilla-kun appears in a brief scene after the Hedoji Adventures episode, expressing confusion at the lack of his appearance before roaring at the camera.




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