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Hedoji and Hedochi
Hedoji and Hedochi in Godziban
Alternate names Old Man Hedo, Hedchi
Subtitle(s) Master of Monsters (Hedoji)
Species Hedorah
Relations Each other (grandfather and grandson)
Allies Each other, Godzilla-kun, Minilla, Little, ShoGoji, Anguirus, Baragon, Kamatte-kun
Created by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Played by Hideyuki Kobayashi (voice, Hedochi)
First appearance Godziban episode 1,
"We Are the Three Godzilla Brothers!"
Latest appearance Godziban episode 20,
"MerryGoji: The Godzilla
Who Came on Christmas Eve!
Well... (それは・・・)

— Hedoji begins to answer Hedochi (Godziban, Master of Monsters: Hedoji)

Okie hedokie! (なるヘドロ!)

— Hedochi, upon hearing Hedoji's answer (Godziban, Master of Monsters: Hedoji)

Hedoji (ヘドじい,   Hedojī, lit. Old Man Hedo) and his grandson Hedochi (ヘドち,   Hedochi) are characters featured in the 2019 web series Godziban, and the focus of its Master of Monsters: Hedoji segment.


Hedoji and Hedochi's names both come from Hedorah, the monster upon which they are based, whose name is itself derived from the Japanese word hedoro (ヘドロ), meaning "slime" or "sludge." Hedoji's name is suffixed with the Japanese word (じい), which may be translated as "old man" or "grandfather." On the other hand, the chi (ち) in Hedochi's name may be derived from chīsana (小さな) or chīsai (小さい), meaning "young" or "small." In the English-subtitled episodes of Godziban, Hedochi's name is spelled Hedchi.


Hedoji and Hedochi's puppets were modeled by Hideyuki Kobayashi and his company, Studio Koganemushi. Kobayashi, the director of Godziban, also serves as the voice of Hedochi.


Hedoji and Hedochi closely resemble Hedorah, being obviously based on him. Hedoji is taller than Hedochi and uses a walking stick, while Hedochi is very short and possesses eyes which point in different directions.



Master of Monsters: Hedoji

Hedoji and Hedochi wandered a seemingly endless wasteland together, with Hedochi occassionally asking his grandfather a random question. After Hedoji responded to his questions, Hedochi always replied "Okie Hedokie!" As their trek went on, the two monsters eventually reached Japan and neared human civilization.

Hedoji Adventures

Hedoji and Hedochi wandered through different locations in Japan to answer questions submitted by viewers of Godziban.

Season 2

In Season 2 of Godziban, Hedoji and Hedochi no longer have their own segment, instead commenting directly on the activities of the other monsters, albeit from a distance. Exceptions are the Moshi Mosu episodes "Moshu Moshu and the Gate of Dreams" and "Moshu☆DANCE!", where they only appear briefly and have no dialogue.


  • Godziban (TV 2019-) [episodes 1-30 and 32-33; special]


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So Hedorah is a grandpa now.

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