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Moshu-Moshu / Moshuu-Moshuu trademark icon
Moshu-Moshu /
Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu in Godziban
The newborn Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu in Godziban
Alternate names Mothra
Relations Each other (sisters), Mothra (mother),
Lune and Luna (priestesses)
Allies Each other, Godzilla-kun, Minilla, Little, Radon, Anguirus, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Varan, Manda, Kumonga, Battra, Radon,
, Mothra, Grandpa Zilla, Uncle Zilla
Enemies Dorats/King Ghidorah, Bagan
First appearance Godziban episode 3,
"Smack It, Godzilla Brothers!"
Latest appearance Godziban episode 47, "Blow Up the Universe and the Future!"
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Moshu-Moshu (モシュモシュ,   Moshumoshu) and Moshuu-Moshuu (もしゅもしゅ,   Moshumoshu) are twin Mothra larvae who appear in the 2019 web series Godziban, specifically its Go! Go! Godzilla-kun and Moshi Moth segments.


"Moshu-Moshu" is an onomatopoeia for the sound the characters make, and is treated as their names in official publications. While the pair's names are pronounced the same in Japanese, the blue-eyed larva's name is spelled in katakana (モシュモシュ), while the red-eyed one's is spelled in hiragana (もしゅもしゅ). In the English subtitles on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO YouTube channel's uploads of the series, the two are distinguished as Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu. They are nevertheless referred to as Mothra (モスラ,   Mosura) by the other monsters in dialogue, or collectively called the Mothra twins.


Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu are both Mothra larvae; they are distinguishable by their eye and body colors, with one possessing blue eyes and dark brown skin, and the other red eyes and lighter spotted brown skin.


  • Godziban (web 2019-) [episodes 3, 5-7, 9, 11, 13-14, 18, 20, 25-27, 29, 35, 40, 47, and 54-57; special episodes 3 and 10-12]


"Fly Towards the Future!"

Moshu-Moshu assembled alongside Minilla, Little, Radon, Anguirus, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Manda, Varan, and Kumonga to assist Godzilla-kun against King Ghidorah. All of the Earth monsters then charged together as Ghidorah flew directly at them.

"Three Giant Monsters: The Hungriest One on Earth"

Moshu-Moshu, Rodan, and Godzilla-kun were confronted by the Three Dorat Brothers, who coveted the basket of fruit Rodan was carrying. The three Dorats then combined into the colossal King Ghidorah and attacked the three monsters. Godzilla-kun told Moshu-Moshu to bite down on his tail, then pulled her up a nearby slope. Moshu-Moshu flanked Ghidorah and bit down on his tail, wrapping her own tail around a rock to hold herself in place. When Ghidorah freed his tail, Moshu-Moshu began spraying silk at him. Rodan landed near Moshu-Moshu and instructed her to climb on his back, then took flight. From Rodan's back, Moshu-Moshu continued to spit silk at Ghidorah until he became entrapped. Godzilla-kun used the opportunity to grab Ghidorah by his tails and throw him off a cliff, then threw a karge boulder at him. King Ghidorah finally retreated back to space, and Godzilla-kun later shared some of Rodan's fruit with Moshu-Moshu, Minilla, Little, and Anguirus.


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