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Folgon in Go! Godman
Alternate names Forugon
Species Avian-like furred monster
Enemies Godman
Designed by Teizo Toshimitsu
First appearance Go! Godman Episode 10: Godman vs. Folgon
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Folgon (フォルゴン,   Forugon, lit. Forugon) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 10 of Go! Godman, Godman vs. Folgon


Folgon has an avian-like face with huge, bloodshot eyes, a tan colored-beak filled with sharp teeth and two small ears that are barely visible above his head. His body is reptilian-like in shape, colored dark red with a tan belly and has fur running down from the back of his head to his tail. This fur seems to be multi-colored, mainly of a dark blue with some white streaks, and red and yellow above his head. Thin lines of blue and white fur are also present on the side of his arms.


Go! Godman

Folgon was the eleventh monster to battle Godman. Folgon appeared while Godman was in the midst of fighting Kamoebas, resulting in the hero abandoning his fight with the giant turtle to take on his new adversary.


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