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Archetype in its red dust form
Use(s) Reality bending, space-time manipulation
Aliases Red dust, Red sand
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Singular Point episode 1, "Terzetto" Godzilla Singular Point episode 13, "Together"

Archetype (アーキタイプ,   Ākitaipu), the most common form of which being Red Dust (紅塵,   Kōjin), is a type of anomalous particle that appears in the 2021 animated series Godzilla Singular Point. Possessing metamorphic and multidimensional properties, its various forms factor heavily into the existence of kaiju and the attempts to counter their threat. The thirteenth phase of Archetype, known as the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, acts as a catalyst to nearby particles of itself and is the most potent defense against kaiju.


As a metamorphic and transdimensional particle, Archetype can manifest in a variety of forms, called "phases," with only a relative few being readily known to researchers. Upon microscopic inspection, at least some variants of Archetype resemble spiny crystals. The most commonly manifested phase, Red Dust, appears as a mist of high-density, low weight red particulates. The size of these particles range from that of grains of rice to microscopic, to the point that they could be inhaled. The Red Dust can both remain airborne, coating nearby surfaces, and be seen growing across the ground when in heavy concentrations. Other phases of Archetype appear as thin red spires, red liquid resembling blood, and metallic blue crystals. Archetype is also a component in the bodies of kaiju, often emanating from them as Red Dust-laden mist. Godzilla Amphibia manifested a cocoon of Archetype covered in flat geometric shapes when undergoing metamorphosis. This cocoon was initially red before changing to gray just before Godzilla emerged from it. It is stated that, in theory, Archetype could have a near-infinite number of potential functions.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point

Archetype was heavily studied decades ago by the mysterious Michiyuki Ashihara, who first discovered the substance near a fishing village in Japan. He'd initially discovered the particle within bodies of local marine life such as jellyfish. Later on, larger sources of it were found deep underground in India before Ashihara disappeared. Ashihara's findings about the substance and the follow-up to his research done by groups like the SHIVA.consortium lead to many discoveries. One such discovery was that Archetype tended to cluster around and react to locations called Singular Points, often manifesting as a type of red dust in such spots. These discoveries lead to the development of inventions like the Super Dimension Calculator, a device which used a Singular Point discovered deep underground in India, and a weapon called the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. However, through his use of the Calculator, Ashihara had discovered that a future catastrophe involving Archetype was destined to befall the Earth.

Archetype became widespread in the modern day with the onset of kaiju incursions. The first of these by the Rodan ended in the creatures suddenly and mysteriously dying, with the cause later deduced to be a lack of Archetype in their surroundings which they required to live. It was discovered that the kaiju manifesting into the human world had Archetype incorporated into their very biology. After a second wave of attacks by a much larger volume of Rodan which left Red Dust in their wake, these particles were found to be a hazardous type of Archetype. Subsequent appearances of larger kaiju such as Manda and Salunga produced increasingly more Red Dust, with the monsters manifesting from clouds of the substance. The amount of Archetype present within the atmosphere increased drastically with the appearance of Godzilla, who made landfall in Japan. The sheer amount of Red Dust Godzilla exuded began to draw in and manifest large hordes of smaller kaiju, as well as terraform the landscape around it. Attempts to combat the kaiju through the use of imperfect Orthogonal Diagonalizers proved lukewarm. They were notably used against Salunga in an attempt to stall its arrival to the Super Dimension Calculator by turning nearby Red Dust into sharp spires that impaled the kaiju, though only temporarily.

Thanks to the collaborative effort of Yun Arikawa, Mei Kamino, their AIs Pelops II and Jet Jaguar, and several others, a calculation was discovered in a message sent back in time from the future. This calculation enabled Jet Jaguar to grow to giant size and battle Godzilla long enough to activate a perfected Orthogonal Diagonalizer. Restructuring the Red Dust covering Tokyo, Jet Jaguar, Godzilla, and the other kaiju vanished without a trace. In their place, large blue crystals were left across the city. In India, the same crystals impaled and seemingly killed Salunga just before it could reach the Singular Point inside the Calculator. Though at a heavy cost, the catastrophe Ashihara foresaw was averted.


Physics breaking

Archetype is a type of particle that simultaneously exists in multiple dimensions and can manifest into different matter. As it is not bound by the laws of physics, Archetype can bend time, light, and space. Light rays passing into Archetype would react abnormally and continue moving forward in infinite measure instead of refracting as they would through normal matter. It can also distort electrical and wireless signals, disrupting some devices and internet services.

Singular Points

Natural sources of Archetype in the human dimension, called Singular Points, are extremely rare with the only known natural source being in Upala, India and Japan. With the proper applications, Archetype can be coded to manifest in specific forms, with roughly a dozen codes and corresponding forms known in the modern day. The Super Dimension Calculator was capable of using Archetype as a means of computing massive amounts of information across space-time, meaning it could detect signals and information transmitted in the past and future. The Orthogonal Diagonalizer could transmute one type of Archetype into another form as long as the corresponding code for doing so was known.


Kaiju were capable of organically incorporating Archetype into their bodies to manifest in the human world. This granted some abilities that broke the laws of physics, such as Anguirus being able to foresee the future and deflect attacks. Godzilla utilized Archetype manipulation to both terraform the terrain around it and metamorphose into new forms better suited to its environment.


While some organisms could incorporate Archetype into their biology seemingly without harm, at least a few forms of Archetype are toxic if inhaled by humans. Passing through Red Dust-heavy regions required the use of a gas mask.




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