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Pop! is a toy line made by FunKo that focuses on making stylized pop culture vinyl figures.



A 6" Godzilla Pop! figure was revealed in late August of 2015. The figure was released in November.[1]

"Original B&W" Godzilla

The Original Black and White variant of the Godzilla figure was sold at New York Comic-Con from October 8-11, 2015.

Burning Godzilla

The Burning Godzilla variant was exclusive to the online store GTS Distribution.

"Ghost Glow" Godzilla

The Ghost Glow variant of the Godzilla figure was sold at New York Comic-Con from October 8-11, 2015.

Atomic Breath Godzilla

The Atomic Breath variant of the Godzilla figure glows in the dark, and will be sold as a PX Previews exclusive.

BAM Exclusive Godzilla

A variant of the Godzilla Pop! figure with gray skin and white eyes was revealed in April 2018 and is available exclusively on the Books-A-Million website.

King Kong

A King Kong Pop! figure based on his appearance in Kong: Skull Island was revealed on November 30, 2016 and released in January 2017.[2] This was the first product to include the MonsterVerse logo on its packaging.

Mystery Minis


  • On the box art for every Godzilla Pop! figure (exclusive color variations included), Godzilla's dorsal plates are shown to extend into his forehead area. However, this detail is missing from the actual figures, with the plates in actuality stopping near the top of the head.

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22 months ago
Score 0
I actually have the normal Godzilla figure. It's pretty neat, albeit unlike other figures it doesn't have head articulation due to a dorsal fin being placed conveniently where the joint would be.

Magara M&E

24 months ago
Score 0
The Kong figure is out now just so you know