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Kong in a flashback
Kong depicted in a poster
Alternate names The Protector, The first Kong
Subtitle(s) The Protector
Species Enormous Atlantean Ape
Height 12 meters[1]
Weight Unknown
Relations Kong (hybrid clone)
Allies Lorna Jenkins
Enemies Chiros
Created by Alan Bohbot
Played by Animation, Kirby McNeil
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: The Animated Series episode 1:
"The Return: Part 1" (poster)
Kong: Return to the Jungle (flashback)
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Kong, sometimes referred to as The first Kong to differentiate him from his descendant, is a giant ape monster created by BKN International that died long before the events of the 2000 animated series, Kong: The Animated Series. His body was used as a template for a hybrid ape/human clone that took up the mantle of Protector.


In the animated series, the original Kong's design is indistinct from his clone, but the 2007 movie gives his head a distinct model featuring less-anthropomorphized facial features, and scruffier fur around his face. It can be assumed that his coloration is similar to his clone's, but the severe colored lighting or camera filters over his flashback scenes make it impossible to tell for sure.


Kong was an enormous ape that protected the Atlantean people of Kong Island. Thousands of years prior while building the city of Atlantis, the demon Chiros sunk the far end of the island Thousands of years later Kong rose to challenge him. Kong was barely able to defeat the dark god Chiros when he menaced the island, and was only able to imprison him with the help of the 13 Primal Stones carved by an Atlantean Shaman.

Many years later, the anthropologist Lorna Jenkins discovered Kong Island in the Bermuda Triangle, and took accompanied an expedition there lead by Rip Hunter. Kong rescued the humans from a dinosaur attack, but Hunter then opted to capture him and take him home, where he was killed in New York City. [2]

There is conflicting information as to how Kong was killed. Traditionally, Kong is killed by airplanes, and this Kong is implied to have been no different by Jack Crockett,[3] however the first episode shows a picture of Kong being attacked atop the Empire State Building by a series of helicopters.


Kong: The Animated Series

"The Return: Part 1"

After his death, Kong became a legend, and art depicting his final battle with a series of helicopter adorned the office wall of Dr. Ramone De La Porta.

"Primal Power"

Over 15 years after his death, Kong's cloned descendant began to have flashbacks of the original Kong's battle with Chiros due to the demon's magical influence. Kong, with the help of one of Lua's ancestors and the Primal Stones, was able to seal Chiros away. Chiros was not destroyed, but with his power suppressed, the dark god would be unable to rise again as long as the Stones remained on the island.

Kong: Return to the Jungle

When a scientific expedition led by Rip Hunter arrived on Kong Island, the party, including Lorna Jenkins was attacked by a group of raptors. Kong arrived to save them and fought off the dinosaurs, but the humans captured him and took him away.




  • Kong's roars are provided by the voice actor Kirby McNeil.


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