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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
The Return: Part 2
Primal Power
Dark Forces Rising
Primal Power
Primal Power
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 3
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Richard Mueller
Romain van Leimt
Air date Unknown

Primal Power is the third episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


The episode opens with Ramone De La Porta breaking in to a temple to obtain the Primal Stones. The removal of the stones from their resting place sent tremors all across Kong Island and caused a volcano to erupt. this caused trouble for Jason Jenkins and his friends, as well as the native animals of the island. Lua then revealed to the team that if the primal stones were removed from the island the ancient god Chiros, whom the original Kong sealed away years before, would reawaken. Kong then began to suffer visions of the other Kong's battle with Chiros, and went to see if his old enemy was still imprisoned. On the way to the temple of the Primal Stones, Lua gave more detail on the Primal Stones, including that Kong was their guardian, and that they would ensure peace and harmony on the island as long as they were in place. Long ago, one of Lua's ancestors was able to seal Chiros away by using the Primal Stones and Kong to weaken it. With the stones in tow, De La Porta attempted to flee the island, but his plane was boarded by Jason, whom he fought on the plane. De Le Porta was able to throw his former student out of the plane, but he was caught by Kong. Jason was able to escape with four of the stones, but De La Porta kept nine safe with him. Jason, Lua, and Tan then agreed to track De La Porta down and to get the stones back before Chiros awoke.




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