"It Came from Japan" (2005) credits

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It Came from Japan
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The following is a transcript of the credits for "It Came from Japan".

Executive Producer

Kevin Burns

Co-Executive Producer

Kim Sheerin

Supervising Producer

Steven Smith


Brian Wild


Laurence Ducceschi
Scott Hartford


Bill Mumy


Laurence Ducceschi


Jamie Boulton
Tim Becherer

Assistant Editor

Brian Razzano


Nicole Dintaman

Production Assistant

Carmen Castaneda

Special Thanks

Marlo Alquiza
Ed Godzizewski
J.D. Lees
Steve Ryfle
The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Footage Courtesy of

Jean Carbajal
Ed Godziszewski
Entertainment News Service
Fox Movietone News
General Motors Corp. / GM Media Archives
The Highwater Group / Atari
Historic Films
Leo Caloia Archive
NBC News Archives
Sabucat Productions
Mike Tynus / Tynuson Productions

Stills Courtesy of

Marlo Alquiza
Ed Godziszewski
Ray Harryhausen Collection
George Takei

Original Music

Alan Ett Music Group

Graphics Designed by

Wade Lageose
Doug Whitney

Images courtesy of

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and Ghidrah are Trademarks of Toho Company

Coordinating Producer

Erika Schroeder

Director of Post Production

Andrew Giacometti

Director of Clearance

Laura Icken

Production Manager

Kristine Mejia

Production Administrator

Wendy Exley

Production Accountant

Vicki B. Rocco

Production Services and Facilities provided by

Van Ness Films, Inc.


Colin Donahue
John Lawrence
Bryan Sherpard
Joe Fox


Michael Baum
Alan Halcon
Mark Hunziker
Kerry Runcie


Rada Maksimovich
Sherri June

For Fox Television Studios

Vice President of Production

Shelley Lyons

Business & Legal Affairs

Erin Devitre

For Animal Planet

Executive Producer

Jamie Roberts

Associate Producer

Krishna San Nicolas

Produced by

Prometheus Entertainment and Fox Television Studios in association with Animal Planet

© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

all rights reserved


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