"End of the Line"

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Godzilla: The Series Episodes
"Freak Show"
"End of the Line"
"What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been"
"End of the Line"
End of the Line
Series Godzilla: The Series
Episode # 27
Directed by David Hartman
Written by Steve Melching
Air date December 18, 1999

"End of the Line" is the 27th episode of Godzilla: The Series and the sixth episode of its second season.


The episode opens with Nick Tatopoulos and Audrey Timmonds encountering a rough patch in their relationship, while Nick wants to propose marriage. He tries to do so, but the ship they are on is attacked by a Giant Turtle. Nick and Audrey escape, but they are left adrift in the oceans near Alaska. Meanwhile, H.E.A.T. is growing restless while Nick is on vacation. Godzilla soon senses that Nick is in danger and H.E.A.T. heads out after him. Nick and Audrey wash ashore on one of the Aleutians, and begin to look for a settlement. H.E.A.T. then picks up the Giant Turtle's call. The next day, Nick and Audrey are attacked by the Giant Turtle, who is warded off by Komodithrax, who entombs the Turtle in ice. Nick remarks that it may be in the same genus as Godzilla. They are then found by H.E.A.T., and Godzilla approaches Komodithrax and the two monsters preform a mating dance. Godzilla fends off H.E.A.T. afterwards. They are then found by the United States military, who decide to destroy all three monsters on the island after seeing Godzilla and Komodithrax building a nest for Komodithrax's egg. Heat then uses the H.E.A.T. Copter to distract and block the military helicopters, but the Giant Turtle awakens and poses a new threat to the egg. Komodithrax is injured in the struggle, and Godzilla rises to fight the Turtle. He is defeated, but Komodithrax flips the Turtle over and pushes him into a fissure in the ice, but falls in alongside the egg. Anthony Hicks shows up to call off the military, and the team and Godzilla head back to New York.




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