Gamera Battle

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Gamera Battle
Gamera Battle
Developer Oratta
Publisher Oratta
Platforms GREE, Mobage
Languages Japanese
Genre Beat 'em up

Gamera Battle (ガメラバトル,   Gamera Batoru) is a 2012 Japan-only mobile game made by Oratta. It was released to the social networks GREE and Mobage on January 31 and October 18 of 2012, respectively.


One day, Gamera's old foes reappeared, and it's up to Gamera and the JSDF to fight off the new monsters. The JSDF, anticipating heavy losses, bring in their elite units comprised of new robots and advanced ground units to help.







  • Zedus is the only of Gamera's enemies to not appear in this game.
  • This is the first Gamera video game to feature Legion and Iris as opponents.

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