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Red Rock
Red Rock in Go! Greenman
Species Unknown CreatureA!H Unknown Minion of Maoh MutationG!G
Forms Human size, Giant size
Controlled by King Flasher, Tonchiki
Relations King Flasher (Creator)A!H, Tonchiki (Creator)G!G
Allies King Flasher, Seguro-1, Flashers, Tonchiki, Maoh
Enemies Human No. 1, Greenman
First appearance Assault! Human!! Episode 5: Kill!! Monster Red Rock
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Red Rock (レッドロック,   Reddo Rokku) is a trap-creating kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 5 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Assault! Human!! titled Kill!! Monster Red Rock.


Red Rock is a clam like creature with a head in the middle of his 'shell'. A large pearl sits on top of his body and is surrounded by frills, and his whole shell is coloured bright red. Red Rock's arms are tipped by two sharp claws, and he has a long tail which drags along the ground.


Assault! Human!!

Kill!! Monster Red Rock

Red Rock was created by King Flasher and sent out with his minions, but it was defeated by Junichiro Iwaki.

Go! Greenman

Greenman vs. Red Rock

Red Rock was the thirtieth monster to battle Greenman. It was created by Tonchiki in an attempt to retrieve the blood of children for Maoh . Red Rock and its creator teleported near some children who called for Greenman with their Green Calls. Greenman then did battle with the monster. Tonchiki saw that Red Rock was losing, and cast a spell to make it grow larger. Greenman also grew to continue battling. Eventually, Greenman defeated Red Rock.



In Go! Greenman, Red Rock could fire a spray of smoke.


Red Rock can teleport.


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