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Kadokawa Pictures (Daiei Motion Picture Company) Game
CR Gamera: The Battle Pachinko
CR Gamera: The Battle Pachinko
Developer Sammy
Publisher Sammy
Platforms Pachinko
Languages Japanese
Genre Casino

CR Gamera (CRガメラ THE BATTLE PACHINKO,   Shī Aru Gamera - Za Batoru Pachinko?, lit. CR Gamera: The Battle Pachinko) is a 2009 Japan-only Pachinko game made by Sammy.




vs. Barugon
vs. Gyaos
vs. Viras + Gamera Roulette
vs. Guiron
vs. Jiger
vs. Zigra
vs. Legion
vs. Iris


  • This game features every Gamera monster except for Toto.

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