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Gejiru in Go! Greenman
Alternate names Geziru, Gejilu
Species Cybernetically-Enhanced HumanoidA!H Cybernetically-Enhanced Minion of Maoh Mutation G!G
Forms Human sized, Giant sized G!G
Controlled by King Flasher A!H, Tonchiki G!G
Relations King Flasher (Creator) A!H, Tonchiki (Creator) G!G
Allies King Flasher, Tonchiki, Maoh
Enemies Human No. 1, Greenman
First appearance Assault! Human!! Episode 6: Death of Kaijin Gejiru!!

Gejiru (ゲジル,   Gejiru) is a cyborg kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in episode 6 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Assault! Human!! titled Death of Kaijin Gejiru!!.


Gejiru resembles a cross between an ant, a cockroach and a beetle. Gejiru is like a walking piece of abstract art in that is body is made up of many different colors, and his head isn't symmetrical, nor is it solidly colored.


Assault! Human!!

Death of Kaijin Gejiru!!

Gejiru fought Junichiro Iwaki but was ultimately defeated.

Go! Greenman

Greenman vs. Gejiru

Gejiru is the third monster to battle Greenman. The two fought in a city, with Gejiru pummeling Greenman using his arm cannon, but eventually Greenman won.


Gejiru has a great deal of strength, which he uses to his advantage when slapping opponents around with his limbs. He also has an arm cannon implanted on one of his upper limbs, which can shoot laser beams.


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