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King of Monsters:
Resurrection of Godzilla
The King of the Monsters/Sandbox/Resurrection
Alternate titles Resurrection of Godzilla,
King of Monsters: Rebirth of Godzilla
Planned 1977-1979
Concept history U.S.-Japan Collaboration: Godzilla
King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla
A Space Godzilla
Godzilla vs. Asuka FortressResurrection of Godzilla (1980)Resurrection of Godzilla (1983)
The Return of Godzilla

King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla (KING OF MONSTERS ゴジラの復活,   Kingu obu Monsutāzu Gojira no Fukkatsu) is an unmade Godzilla film conceived in 1977.


King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla was one of various projects considered by Toho to revive the Godzilla series after Terror of Mechagodzilla. The screenplay for King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla was written by The War in Space screenwriter Ryuzo Nakanishi in 1977 and proposed to producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, who liked the idea and began planning to put it into production. Jun Fukuda was planned to direct, but the film was never produced. However, some elements introduced in this screenplay were carried over into later proposals and the finished The Return of Godzilla, including Godzilla attacking a nuclear power plant and the appearance of the parasitic insect kaiju Shockirus, though it was a giant tick rather than a louse in this screenplay.[1] Many subsequent screenplays and story proposals also bore the title Resurrection of Godzilla, most notably Tomoyuki Tanaka's 1980 proposal and Akira Murao and Shuichi Nagahara's 1983 revision.


Godzilla, searching for nuclear energy, attacks the Shizuoka Nuclear Power Plant, which is currently under the occupation of terrorists.[1][2]


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