The Art of Jellyfish Eyes

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The Art of Jellyfish Eyes
GodzillaFeistyPetFan1998/Sandbox/The Art of Jellyfish Eyes
Author(s) Takashi Murakami
Publisher Kaikai Kiki
Publish date August 26, 2022
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4939148777
ISBN-13: 978-4939148774

The Art of Jellyfish Eyes (ジ・アート・オブ・めめめのくらげ,   Ji Āto Obu Mememe no Kurage) is a 2022 informational book detailing the development of Takashi Murakami's Jellyfish Eyes.


The Art of Jellyfish Eyes, published by Kaikai Kiki and released on August 26, 2022, has 478 pages containing over thousands of characters, hundreds of images, the revisions to the script of the film, along with unused scenarios, staff interviews, and more.

The Art of Jellyfish Eyes comes inside a brown box with a "The Art of Jellyfish Eyes" sticker. Inside the box is a white container that contains the book, alongside the script of the film, a booklet containing the script for the film (which comes in a cardboard container), and a postscript. With all of this inside the box, it weighs kilograms ( lbs).

The book, reading from left to right, comes with a dust jacket which depicts Kurage-bo's face with the text "A Takashi Murakami Film The Art of Jellyfish Eyes めめめのくらげ" on the top, while the actual book's hardcover binding shows the tsunami from Masashi's flashback about his father. The inner cover of the book on the front shows the F.R.I.E.N.D.s. appearing from the children's Devices, and on the back shows the F.R.I.E.N.D.s. flying out of the school.




An official making-of book that excavates, organizes, and edits production notes, staff interviews, and a huge amount of unorganized materials for Takashi Murakami's first feature-length directorial work, Jellyfish Eyes (released in 2013). Inspired by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the stark behind-the-scenes scenes of juvenile-style yokai and monster movies are engraved. An interview with the book editing staff that took 6 years to complete, a script with Mr. Murakami's memo, and a copy of the storyboard collection are also included as an appendix. A large book of 478 pages.


  • Foreword はじめに。 (p. 2)
  • Contents 目次 (p. 9)
  • Film フィルム (p. 11)
  • Characters 登場人物/キャラクター (p. 101)
    • (p. 102) Masashi Kusakabe 草壁正志
    • (p. 103) Saki Amamiya 天宮咲
    • (p. 104) Tatsuya Kodaira 古平竜也
    • (p. 104) Manato Hayashi 林真菜人
    • (p. 104) Akira Shibata 柴田明
    • (p. 104) Ryo Kokubo 小久保遼
    • (p. 104) Yusuke Kuwano 桑野佑介
    • (p. 105) Juran Sagara 相楽樹蘭
    • (p. 105) Koh Nakagawa 中川巧
    • (p. 105) Kazuya Hara 原和也
    • (p. 105) Hayato Yokosaka 横坂駿
    • (p. 105) Shingo Noguchi 野口信吾
    • (p. 106) Naoto Kozuka 幸塚直人
    • (p. 106) Naoto's body double ニセ直人
    • (p. 107) Black Cloaked Four 黒いマント四人衆
    • (p. 107) Blue Dragon 青龍
    • (p. 107) White Tiger 白虎
    • (p. 107) Vermillion Bird 朱雀
    • (p. 107) Black Tortoise 玄武
    • (p. 107) Device デバイス
    • (p. 107) Magic Circle 魔法陣
    • (p. 108) Yasuko Kusakabe 草壁靖子
    • (p. 108) Tatsuo Kusakabe 草壁辰男
    • (p. 109) Shizuko Amamiya 天宮静子
    • (p. 109) Toshida 土信田
    • (p. 110) Kurage-bo くらげ坊
    • (p. 110) Luxor るくそー
    • (p. 110) Oval オーバル
    • (p. 110) Ko2
    • (p. 111) Yupi ユピ
    • (p. 111) Shimon しもん
    • (p. 111) Ukki うっきー
    • (p. 111) Six Eyes メガロッコ
    • (p. 111) Coelan シーラン
    • (p. 111) Tyranno-chan ティラノちゃん
    • (p. 111) Johnny ジョニー
    • (p. 111) Hayao ハヤオ
    • (p. 111) Karakassan カラカッサン
  • Character Development キャラクター開発 (p. 119)
  • Pre-Production プリプロダクション (p. 171)
  • Live-Action Filming 実写撮影 (p. 207)
  • First Post-Production 第1次ポストプロダクション (p. 213)
  • Second Post-Production 第2次ポストプロダクション (p. 299)
  • Music & Sound Effects 音楽と音響効果 (p. 347)
  • Release 公開 (p. 357)
  • Promotional Animation & Bonus Footage 広報用アニメーションと特典映像 (p. 391)
  • "Jellyfish Eyes" Animation Plan 『めめめのくらげ』アニメーション構想 (p. 403)
  • Cast & Staff Interview キャスト&スタッフインタビュー (p. 417)
  • Staff List スタッフリスト (p. 472)
  • Afterword from Takashi Murakami あとがき 村上隆 (p. 476)



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