Godzilla Monsters All Overall Encyclopedia

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Godzilla Monsters All Overall Encyclopedia
Godzilla Monsters All Overall Encyclopedia
Publisher Shogakukan
Publish date January 1, 1985 (First Edition)
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4092811047
ISBN-13: 978-4092811041

Godzilla Monsters All Overall Encyclopedia (ゴジラ怪獣オール全百科,   Gojira Kaijū Ōru Zen Hyakka) is a 1985 encyclopedic book.


The 256-page book is the 104th entry in the Corotan Bunko series (コロタン文庫) and was published by Shogakukan on January 1, 1985. Read from right to left, it contains information on Toho's monsters, vehicles, and characters.[1]

Other Editions

The 7th edition was released on November 10, 1993.


Contents of the 7th edition:

  • Color Frontispiece
    • (p. 2) Godzilla vs. Mothra 3 Giant Monsters' Great Battle!
    • (p. 10) Toho Monsters Best 15 東宝怪獣 ベスト15
    • (p. 24) Godzilla's 4 Great Battles! ゴジラ4大決戦!!
    • (p. 32) Toho Character Clips
  • Contents (p. 33)
  • Text 本文
    • (p. 35) Godzilla Movie Story Guide
    • (p. 70) Toho Tokusatsu Movies Monster World
    • (p. 177) Toho Tokusatsu Movies Character Directory
    • (p. 193) Toho Tokusatsu Movies Mecha World
    • (p. 243) Toho Tokusatsu Movies Illustration Essay
  • Index (p. 250)



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