Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy

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Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy
Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy box art for Sega Saturn
Developer Kouyousha
Publisher Capcom
Platforms PlayStation 1,
Sega Saturn
Languages Japanese
Genre Point & Click
Card Fighter

Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy (七星闘神ガイファード クラウン壊滅作戦,   Shichisei Tōshin Gaifādo Kuraun Kaimetsu Sakusen) is a game developed by Kouyousha and published by Capcom for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. It was released on November 19, 1998 in Japan.


The gameplay consists of the main character, Hayami, navigating a 3-D maze and fighting Mutians and Guyborgs in "Card Battle" segments.


Characters and Monsters





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