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This is a list of all giant monsters from various media that are confirmed to be female. The list is meant to be comprehensive, but given the broad subject matter it may be incomplete. This list also includes giant robots in addition to normal monsters.



Comics and Manga


Video Games



  • Goody's Mother (from Goody Godzilla, a Thailand cash transfer service commercial)[5]
  • 'Greek Goddess' (from a Pipto Max commercial)[5]
  • Hedorah (female, from Bandai's 1984 Godzilland merchandise line)
  • Newzilla (from the Dr Pepper Godzilla commercials)
  • Sailor Fighter (Sailor Fight! Gamera vs. Sailor Fighter, direct-to-video special)[6]
  • Seamaid (from the 'Pachimon' bromide cards)
  • Yongnary (The Little Monster Yonggary tie-in merchandise for Reptilian)


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