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Newzilla in the second Dr Pepper commercial
Alternate names Ms. Zilla
Species Reptilian monster
Relations Godzilla (love interest)
Allies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla Dr Pepper TV commercial #2

Newzilla is a monster introduced in the second Godzilla Dr Pepper TV commercial from 1985.


Newzilla looks a lot like Godzilla, and is probably the same species as him. However, the top of her head features a bony frill much like that of a Triceratops, and she wears a red and yellow bow on her forehead to denote her gender.


After Godzilla stopped rampaging through a city for a giant can of Dr Pepper, Newzilla appeared and began destroying the city. After seeing her up close, Godzilla fell in love. He attempted to present a tree to her in the style of giving someone a bouquet, but she rejected it and continued her rampage. Then, Godzilla grabbed a giant Diet Dr Pepper can with a straw in it from a billboard and gave it to her to drink. She stopped her rampage, enjoyed the Diet Dr Pepper, and seemed to return Godzilla's affection.


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