Invisible Man vs. Human Fly (1957)

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Daiei Invisible Man Films
Invisible Man Appears
Invisible Man vs. Human Fly
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Kadokawa Pictures (Daiei Motion Picture Company) Kaijin.png Movie
Japanese Invisible Man vs. Human Fly poster
Invisible Man vs. Human Fly
Directed by Mitsuo Murayama
Produced by Hideo Nagata
Written by Hajime Takaiwa
Music by Tokujiro Okubo
Distributor Daiei
Rating Unrated
Running Time 96 minutes
(1 hour, 36 minutes)
Aspect Ratio 1.37:1
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Invisible Man vs. Human Fly (透明人間と蝿男,   Tōmei Ningen to Hae Otoko, lit. Invisible Man and Fly Man) is a 1957 Japanese tokusatsu science-fiction film produced by Daiei Motion Picture Company, and the studio's second film based on The Invisible Man, after Invisible Man Appears. It was released to Japanese theaters on August 25, 1957.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Mitsuo Murayama
  • Written by   Hajime Takaiwa
  • Produced by   Hideo Nagata
  • Music by   Tokujiro Okubo
  • Cinematography by   Hiroshi Murai
  • Based on characters created by   H. G. Wells


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Ryuji Shinagawa   as   Dr. Tsukioka
  • Yoshiro Kitahara   as   Chief Inspector Wakabayashi
  • Junko Kano   as   Akiko Hayakawa
  • Ikuko Mori   as   Mieko - Sexy Dancer
  • Joji Tsurumi   as   Sugimoto - Dr. Hayakawa's Assistant
  • Yoshihiro Hamaguchi   as   Detective Hayama
  • Shozo Nanbu   as   Dr. Hayakawa
  • Bontaro Miake   as   Chief of the Metropolitan Police
  • Ichiro Izawa   as   Kokichi Kusunoki - Fly Man
  • Shizuo Chujo   as   Yamada - Fly Man



  • Invisible Man
  • Fly Man

Kadokawa Pictures (formerly Daiei Motion Picture Company)
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I have a digital copy of this film. I just haven't gotten around to watching it yet.


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