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Alternate Names Mosu, MosuFan
Subtitle Some Stupid Thing (いくつかの愚かなこと,   Ikutsu ka no orokana koto)
Species Mothra Larva
Interests Godzilla and other kaiju-related things, Alien franchise, politics, Photoshopping, memes
Languages Serbian (native),
American English,
Greek (intermediate, still learning)
Forms Larva,
ElectroKaiju300 (on Wikia FaNdOm)
Place of Emergence Earth
Enemies 4002naFusoM
First Appearance Latest Appearance
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Oy, I'm MosuFan2004 (rly?), but on some places I use the name MosuFan or Nikola MosuFan. I come from Serbia, a South Slavic country in South Europe. I speak American English and my native language is, as you might know, Serbian (so that also means that I can 100% understand Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin). I became a Godzilla fan in the early 2014, and the movie that got me into Godzilla was the 1998 one, GODZILLA.

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