King Kong: Meet Kong and Ann

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King Kong: Meet Kong and Ann
King Kong: Meet Kong and Ann
Author(s) Jennifer Frantz
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish date November, 8 2005
Genre Early reader book
ISBN ISBN 978-0060773007

King Kong: Meet Kong and Ann, also known as Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World: Meet Kong and Ann is a children's early reader book based on the 2005 Universal King Kong film. It was released in November of 2005, and was written by Jennifer Frantsz and illustrated by Peter Bollinger and Robert Papp.

Official Synopsis

"Kong and Ann are an unlikely pair. Follow these two through the jungle as they form the most surprising friendship."


While being sacrificed on Skull Island, Ann Darrow reflects on the decisions she had made that lead her to this point, namely agreeing to star in a movie which was filming on the horrid place. Frightened and confused, Ann hears a roar and the snapping of branches as Kong appears before her, and takes her away into the jungle, clutching her in his massive hand. Kong stops in a rocky clearing and pauses to examine Ann before flipping her upside down, making her ceremonial necklace fall off and into a pile of similar jewelry and human bones. Realizing what had become of her predecessors, and having no interest in sharing their fate, Ann slips out of Kong's grasp and despite the pain from the fall, Ann runs for the jungle. Kong quickly stands in her way again, and slams his fist down, making her fall down. Realizing that the beast thinks it is all a game, Ann continues to fall down for Kong's amusement before dashing to a fallen log. While in hiding, a Vastatosaurus rex approaches Kong from behind. The titans engage in a vicious struggle, but Kong's will to protect Ann allows him to emerge victorious. Ann then realizes that she has no choice but to stay with Kong and accept his protection. As he picks her up and looks at her, she sees kindness and caring in his eyes for the first time. No longer afraid, Ann allows Kong to carry her to the top of a tall mountain, where they could see the whole island. From there Ann sees that Kong is the king of the island, and that he wanted to share it with her. The two then sit in silence admiring the sunset.


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