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  • Chapter 1: Earth
  • Chapter 2: Gelid
  • Chapter 2.5:Passwords
  • Chapter 3: Corona
  • Chapter 4: Amorphis
  • Chapter 5: Tempest
  • Chapter 6:



Carl is the main character in Godzilla: Replay.


Instead of starting off as Godzilla like in the original game, Carl starts of as the Godzillasaurus on an island level where he battled multiple dinosaurs before an hydrogen bomb was dropped and the Godzillasaurus evolved into Godzilla.


A Triceratops appeared as the boss in the Earth level. The Triceratops' only ability is charging at an opponent. Carl has to defeat the triceratops before the bomb is dropped or another kind of monster will be born.


Usol is a green creature that appears in Gelid. He was first encountered in the level Lost Way and accompanied Godzilla and Gorosaurus while they were looking for an exit. He later appears in Amorphis and gives Carl a password. Usol's latest appearance was in Tempest where hes captured by a hairy creature.

King Caesar

King Caesar is one of the new playable monsters. King Caesar suddenly appeared when Carl reached tempest without being unlocked. He can kick and punch like Godzilla with the addition of laser beams from his eyes. However, whenever Carl tried to use King Caesar to go to the boss battle, it's icon moved to another part of the board. Carl then decided to kill King Caesar off by making fall off a cliff. After defeating the boss, Carl noticed that King Caesars icon appeared where the boss's had been. He fought King Caesar and defeated him, only to find out it was actually Warlock.


Rodan is unlocked when Carl freed him from the mirror dimension with Godzilla. Rodan has the abilitie fly along with walking.

Godzilla 1998

Godzilla 1998 appeared as a regular stage enemy in Amorphis


Gorosaurus reappears, only this time as a neutral character. He follows Godzilla around when he was Encountered in the Gelid level Lost way


Titanosaurus appears in Amorphis as a mini boss.


Manda reappears in Amorphis, but does not attack Godzilla .


Gabara appears as a mini boss in Corona. His only attack is firing lightning bolts from his hands.


Kamacuras appeared in Tempest as a regular stage enemy.

Giant Octopus

The Giant Octopus appeared in Amorphis as a regular stage enemy.

King Kong

king Kong appeared in Corona. He is very agile and can easily dodge attacks. Kong can punch and fire lightning bolts from his hands.


Ganimes is the first boss to appear in Gelid. It by snapping its claws and spitting.


Kamoebas is the second boss to appear in Gelid. His only attack is extending his head out to bite.


Krystalak first appeared in Gelid as a mini boss. He can move very fast and has a spin attack.


Ebirah appeared in Amorphis as a regular stage enemy.


Megaguirus appeared as a boss in Tempest. Megaguirus has the ability to drain an opponents energy and use their attacks against them. However, Megaguirus was easily defeated with a few hits.


Dagahra appears as a boss in Amorphis. His attacks are being able to fly and shoot exploding barems at enemies, and for defense can create a whirl pool around itself as a type of shield.







Warlock first appears in Corona, where he says carl doesn't belong here, and demands that carl leaves the game. Warlock later appeared in Amorphis, where he killed a creature, and gives Carl another warning to leave the game. Warlocks latest appearance was in tempest where he battled Godzilla, however after losing a lot of health, Warlock retreated.


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