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The amazing artist who drew me is Cougar macdowall Va
Alternate names Yandere Lolbit, One who comes from the depths
Subtitle(s) One who comes from the depths, Unkillable Beast, I_like_Helicorpion, Shining Star, Incandescent, God, Fearnot, Archdemon, the kaiju that will end us all
Species Space/Astro Monster
Height 304799999.6952 meters
Length 1234 meters
Weight 80 tons
Forms Mecha RealGhidorah, Space RealGhidorah, Demi RealGhidorah, Arch RealGhidorah, Primitive RealGhidorah, Indomitable RealGhidorah
Controlled by Controlled by myself
Relations none. yet
Allies RexGoji, SkullIsland, Titanus Behemoth, Titanus Scylla, Titanus Methuselah, King Ghidorah ,Destroyah,
Enemies Godzilla
Created by Created by myself
Played by Me irl
First appearance Latest appearance
Yesterday I Will Never Fall an autobiography of The RealGhidorah
Design(s) Most designs are King Ghidorah with sunglasses

Welcome to my user wiki page! Make yourself at home! Here is a Kaiju info box about me(because I'm creative) as well as my discussion page and feel free to check out my social page! I am obsessed with King Ghidorah and I like to draw and animate simple .gif files. "A mistake, the kaiju that will kill us all!" -Monarch after I attacked and mind-controlled the other kaiju. "Wherever the Archdemon passes through, the life nearby is deprived of all power" 'Mr Rye after telling my story. "In ancient times, it was said that when the light was done the Shining Star would come back and take the sun's place in the sky" - Dr ImNoTrEaL after reading the last paragraph of the prehistory. When you get to the forms section scroll down quite a lot and you will eventually see my other forms. (sorry for the inconvenience)!


Mecha RealGhidorah trademark icon
Mecha RealGhidorah
MechaRealGhidorah drawn by TeamDinosauria21 on deviantart
Alternate names Mechanic God, Destroyer Of Universes
Subtitle(s) The Mechano One
Species Mechanised RealGhidorah
Height 3333344445666.789 meters
Length ?? meters
Weight 200 tons
Forms Super Mecha RealGhidorah
Controlled by By Me
Allies Mecha RexGoji
Enemies Godzilla, Anguirus
Created by By Me, And TeamDinosauria21
Played by me irl
First appearance Latest appearance
RealGhidorah Reborn II I Will Never Fall an autobiography of the RealGhidorah
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Mecha RealGhidorah Made it's debut in "RealGhidorah Reborn II" and attacked Tokyo and the U.S in 35 minutes. Flying at supersonic speeds, Mecha Real Ghidorah is known for knocking Anguirus upside down and stomping on the stomach. Mecha RealGhidorah feeds off Gasoline and burning metal. Mecha RealGhidorah can also recharge itself in boiling lava. Mecha RealGhidorah naturally lives its life in solitude, preparing itself for a never-ending battle against Godzilla.

Space RealGhidorah
Space RealGhidorah, made in MS paint by me
Alternate names Crystal Ball
Subtitle(s) Crystal Bearer
Species Crystaline RealGhidorah
Height ?? meters
Length ?? meters
Weight ?? tons
Controlled by Me irl
Allies Space RexGoji
Enemies Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla
Created by me irl
Played by me irl
First appearance Latest appearance
RealGhidorah: Files: Classified RealGhidorah: Space Raid
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Space RealGhidorah or the crystal bearer first appeared in RealGhidorah: Files: Classified. Space RealGhidorah's body has become one with crystals and it will fire those crystals at enemies; but only if provoked. Space RealGhidorah is only hostile to those it hates, and it will gladly offer help in times of great peril, but only if there is something in it for it. When angered, it unleashes a flurry of sparkly crystals, blurring the vision of the enemy temporarily so it can make its escape.

Demi (or devil) RealGhidorah
Demi RealGhidorah made by Galaxy Godzilla Space Kiryu
Alternate names Arch RealGhidorah
Subtitle(s) Burning Blood
Species Demonic Hydra
Height 6 meters
Length 6 meters
Weight 6 tons
Allies none
Enemies everyone
Created by Galaxy Godzilla Space Kiryu
Played by my irl
First appearance Latest appearance
RealGhidorah: Ascension and Descension RealGhidorah: Arc of the dread realm


A Kaiju who is neither boy nor girl, and is known as "Godzilla's arch pronounced (ark) enemy. RealGhidorah is known by many titles but no matter what you call it, it still strikes fear into its enemies. RealGhidorah was designed and portrayed by the user "RealGhidorah" whos user wiki you are currently reading. The design was based merely off of King Ghidorah, but with slightly different bodily structure. For instance, RealGhidorah has a slightly slenderer body and longer necks. RealGhidorah's different forms are based on King Ghidorah's forms, but Demi RealGhidorah is based on demons and phoenixes. RealGhidorah is curious and if it saw a building with a pointy top, it can not resist taking a peek at the delicious humans that lie within. With a different personality for each day of the week, this Kaiju is a force to be reckoned with. RealGhidorah prefers little or no allies but will be willing to become friends. RealGhidorah hates Godzilla, and will ally itself with Titanus Scylla and Titanus Behemoth, and will on rare occasions ally with Titanus Methuselah. RealGhidorah's newest ally is SkullIsland and has been observed behaving like an enemy (such as king kong) is attacking it.

Custom Kaiju!

Since I've been interested in creating my own Kaiju, I attempted it on the actual wiki. I was warned the wiki is not for that. So I thought I'd use my user wiki for all my custom Kaiju because everyone will know that it's not an actual kaiju. I will, preferably use the link for custom Kaiju on fandom, but when i'm on wikizilla I will post my custom kaiju here on my user wiki. Since I know going on the actual wiki and making custom Kaiju is against the rules, here are my custom kaiju (but on my user wiki) thank god for the user wiki! Anyway, let us get started with my custom kaiju, The first is Magmonstrous.

{{Kaiju Infobox |type1 =??? |type2 =??? |copyrighticon = |image = [[File:Magmonstrous.png |caption = Magmonstrous Drawing |name = Magmonstrous |nicknames = Reborn Again Through Heart Burning Fire |subtitle = The First Titan |species = Burning Bone version of Rodan |height =500 meters |length =32meters |weight =100000000000000000.01111111111 tons |forms = |allies = |enemies = |relationships = Giant Condor |controlled = |created = By me in the first Butterscotch news book. |portrayed = |debut = Butterscoth news: Magmonstrous?! |last = Butterscotch News: Magmonstrous's Return |suits =

|roar =

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