The GODZILLA Movie Scrapbook

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The GODZILLA Movie Scrapbook
The GODZILLA Movie Scrapbook
Author(s) James Preller
Publisher Scholastic
Publish date June 1998
Genre Children's
ISBN ISBN-10: 0590572393
ISBN-13: 978-0590572392

The GODZILLA Movie Scrapbook is a 1998 picture book.


The 32-page book was published by Scholastic in June 1998 and comes in paperback format. Adapted by James Preller, it was designed by Madalina Stefan.



Thunderous footsteps are heard in the distance.

The NEW YORK CITY skyline rocks with fear. An ear-piercing roar descends from the clouds.

What could it be?

Look up and run for your life — GODZILLA IS HERE!

Here's the killer keepsake for every monster movie fan — The GODZILLA Movie Scrapbook! Relive the event movie of the millennium in up close and personal docu-detail. It comes with full color photos, plus a kickin' six-foot souvenir poster. And nothing says "Keep Out" like Godzilla on your door!


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