Megumi Kobayashi

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Megumi Kobayashi
Megumi Kobayashi
Born April 24, 1977
Odate, Akita, Japan
Occupation Model, singer, actress
First work Shonan Women's
Dormitory Story
(TV 1993)
Notable work Rebirth of Mothra (1996)
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Megumi Kobayashi (小林恵,   Kobayashi Megumi), known professionally as meg (meg (メグ),   Megu), is a Japanese model, singer, and actress. During her acting career, she starred as Moll in all three entries of the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy. She continued to act over the next decade, returning to the kaiju genre in Gamera the Brave in 2006. After this, Kobayashi began to go by the professional name "meg," focusing on her musical career rather than acting. However, she will return to act in the upcoming kaiju film Hoshi 35, which includes many other veteran actors from kaiju films in its cast.

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