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2020 coronavirus pandemic

ShodaiMeesmothLarva (talkcontribs)

It has been affecting the entire world, from economy, to sports, tourism, cinema and entertainment. Several areas has been placed in lockdown or quarantine, such as Hubei province, the Metropolitan Manila region, the whole of Italy and Spain. Over 140 to 150 countries worldwide are affected.

In my local city here in the Philippines, no confirmed cases of the coronavirus so far. However, I have seen other people panic-buying in supermarkets.

Since this is a worldwide issue, and everyone and everything is affected such as the stock market crash, I decided to create a thread for the users of this site, since almost every social media platform has their own pinned coronavirus threads, such as in Reddit.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

I have a few cases not too far from me in Pennsylvania (something like 75-100 miles away near Philadelphia). The Governor decided to shut down schools in PA for 2 weeks as a precaution, which is good to keep us away from people, but as soon as we go back people start interacting with each other, giving the chance for infection.

Astounding Beyond Belief (talkcontribs)

Community spread is well underway in my city. All the schools have closed, and I'm not even sure if the library where I work will be open by tomorrow. At least I'll have Wikizilla to keep me busy.

EDIT: Ten minutes after typing this I find out the library's closed until further notice. Life comes at you fast these days.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

Good luck.

ShodaiMeesmothLarva (talkcontribs)

Now the Philippine government increased the radius of the quarantine. From Metro Manila, now it covers the entire Luzon or Northern Philippines (which now includes my own city and province).

From partial, now it is a total lockdown. Transportation is suspended, people are no longer allowed to go outdoors.

The King of the Monsters (talkcontribs)

My state has pretty much shut down with 37 confirmed cases. However, two of those are in my city alone. All stores are either cleaned out or closed, no one is on the streets anymore, and all restaurants and schools have been shut down statewide.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

My state's keeping watch, too. Just today, they had a bunch of school closings. But nothing's happened yet.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

All "non-essential" stores have been closed in Pennsylvania. Only pharmacies, hospitals, and grocery stores are still open.

ShodaiMeesmothLarva (talkcontribs)

Now the coronavirus has entered my own city, with 1 confirmed case in a population of 659,000. No public transport still, almost everything is closed, no one outdoors, almost everyone is at home.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

Just found out that about 600 people in my county tested positive for the virus.

ShodaiMeesmothLarva (talkcontribs)

As of today Philippines is so close on beating Malaysia, the most affected country in the Southeast Asia region.

As of today we now have over 4,000 cases. There's already over 10 cases within my own city alone, that has a population of 659,000.

ShodaiMeesmothLarva (talkcontribs)

Update: The Philippines has now become the worst-affected country in whole of Southeast Asia when comes to coronavirus, with the country being the first to reach above 5,000 total cases, placing it at 1st place, with Malaysia now 2nd at still 4,900 cases.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

865 positive cases in Lancaster County now.