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This is a video gallery for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Behind the scenes

Brambleboar showreel

Trailers and TV spots

"New World" trailer
"Legacy" trailer
"Choice" teaser trailer
Untitled spot


Opening title sequence
Exclusive opening scene
New York Comic Con exclusive look
"No More Running" clip
"Nice Shot" clip
"G-Day Minus One" clip
Ep. 6 Sneak Peek: Godzilla
"Cate and Kentaro’s Search for Answers" compilation
"A Message from Monarch" clip
"Operation Hourglass" clip
"Can't Let Go" clip
Season Finale exclusive clip
Ep. 10 Sneak Peek: Buckle Up
"The Legacy of Lee Shaw" compilation
Ep. 10 Keiko Meets Cate
"Every Moment Before The Monster" Compilation

Titan Sightings

Ep. 1 Godzilla
Ep. 1 Endoswarm
Ep. 2 Ion Dragon
Ep. 3 Frost Vark
Ep. 3 Godzilla
Ep. 4 Frost Vark
Ep. 6 Godzilla
Ep. 6 Godzilla
Ep. 7 Frost Vark
Ep. 8 Endopede
Ep. 9 Brambleboar
Ep. 10 Godzilla vs. Ion Dragon
Ep. 10 Kong

YouTube Shorts

"The roar resounds."
"Like father, like son,
like Lt. Lee Shaw III."
"Some hide, others seek."
"Bill Randa's legacy began
long before this moment."
"Even the deepest of secrets
will rise to the surface."
"She’s in the business of dispelling myths."
"Hiroshi’s secret was never safe."
"Lee Shaw won't stand for any bullsh*t."
"Monarch's secrets live on
through the Randa family."
"Look closer."
"A spitting image."
"It's a crazy world."
"How else would you describe Godzilla?"
"From the depths of the earth rises… Tim."
"On set with Kurt Russell, Wyatt Russell, and Godzilla."
"Godzilla is here for a reason."
"Time flies when you’re trapped
in a high security facility."
"No Endoswarm were harmed during filming."
"Can't get enough of the Russells."
"On set with Big Boy."
"G-Day in the making."
"Season 2 plus spin-offs. Now that’s a legacy."

Viral marketing

"Philippines, '52"
"Bikini Atoll, '54"
"Titan Preparedness Plan"


Screen Rant interview with Sean Konrad
Rotten Tomatoes interview
with Matt Shakman
Screen Rant interview with Matt Shakman
MovieWeb interview with Matt Shakman
Screen Rant interview with
Matt Fraction and Chris Black
Access Hollywood interview
with Kurt and Wyatt Russell
Screen Rant interview with Tory Tunnell
The A.V. Club talk with
Kurt and Wyatt Russell
Splash talk with
Kurt and Wyatt Russell
Jovem Nerd interview with Kurt and Wyatt Russell
CBR Presents interview with
Anders Holm and Mari Yamamoto
CoveredGeekly talk with Anna Sawai,
Ren Watabe, and Kiersey Clemons
CBR Presents talk with Anna Sawai,
Ren Watabe, and Kiersey Clemons
Cast Reveal Their Favorite Scenes

Other promotion

"An Inside Look"
"What You Need to Know"
"Legacy of the Russells"
Billboards in Los Angeles
New York Comic Con panel
Brazilian Samsung TV ad with Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Extending Worlds: Axis Mundi
"In the Shadows of Monsters"
The Frost Vark Scene


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