NES Godzilla Creepypasta (2011)

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NES Godzilla Creepypasta
NES Godzilla Creepypasta
Author(s) Cosbydaf
Publish date April 23-December 4, 2011

The NES Godzilla Creepypasta is a fan-made horror story, or creepypasta, written by Cosbydaf and posted to the Bogleech forum from April 23 to December 4, 2011. Spanning eight chapters and accompanied by hundreds of screenshots, the story is centered around a possessed Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! game cartridge that is played by the main character Zachary, from whose perspective the story is told as he recalls his experience playing the game one night. It notably features many new Toho monsters that did not originally appear in the game along with heavily deformed (some to the point where the monster looks entirely different) "Not-" versions of the original bosses. It also introduces a large array of original enemy monsters, such as Red, the story's main antagonist who is eventually revealed to have a deep personal connection with Zach.




Zachary is the main character and narrator of the story, which is told from his perspective as he recalls the night he played the game. He was a big fan of both Godzilla and NES games when he was a kid, having gotten the NES Godzilla game Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! for his 10th birthday. He loved it, but traded it away for Amagon a year later, something he states he regretted after having played it.

Later in his youth, in middle school, he had a girlfriend named Melissa, who he looked after. She had a strange mental disorder that would cause her to go into "episodes" in which she would be stuck in an emotionless trance for minutes. Despite this, Zach describes her as "a very kind person", and states that he "cared about her dearly." Something they loved to do was hang out in a field and look up at the stars, but one night she experienced an episode. Not saying anything to Zach, she stared at the Moon and ran into traffic, causing her to get hit by a truck and killed before Zach could save her. This memory was traumatizing for him, so much so he did everything he could to suppress it and even made a promise to himself not to think about it.

Years later, as an adult, Zach got Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! from a friend of his named Billy and played the game one night. The game started out normal with the exception of a glitch with Gezora on Earth, but eventually it got more and more strange, the new boss on Mars being Titanosaurus instead of Varan and proceeding to a whole new planet called Pathos afterwards rather then Jupiter. From then on, all of the planets were completely new, as well as the levels within them and the kaiju bosses. Zach initially tried to justify these abnormalities to himself all he could by thinking that he had obtained some sort of prototype with different bosses, and later that it was a ROM hack, but these would prove to be wrong. From Pathos onward the base to leave each planet in the original game was replaced by a level in which Zach's monster would have to run from a monster later revealed to be named Red, or be instantly killed with one touch. The game got more and more shocking, frightening, and malevolent with each world, with Zach eventually even being reminded of Melissa after beating a stage boss called The Moon Beast on the sixth planet, Entropy. The stage he fought the beast in was said to be lifted straight from his memories, likely being the field where him and Melissa would hang out, and where she was killed. On the second to last world, Extus, the last level was a graveyard instead of a chase level. Eventually he comes across a blue angel floating over a chapel, who Zach says "seemed very familiar" to him and gave him a warm feeling. However, Red suddenly appeared and lunged towards Godzilla (the monster Zach was playing as) in the level, but the angel got in his way, so Red killed and ate her. This made Zach angry and hate Red even more, so he threatened him by saying "You're going to pay." Red responded by roaring at him.

This all culminates with the final planet Zenith, which not only is the most horrific and nightmarish world of them all, but at the end he must fight Red to the death, or be killed himself. Once Zach comes to the realization that he can feel the hits his playable monster takes when Red attacks them, he tries to get up and turn off the game, but he is paralyzed to his seat, forced to fight for his life against Red. It is during this fight that Zach almost gets killed, Red eventually killing all of his playable monsters except Acacius, who was locked away at the start of the planet by Red. After the death of his second to last monster Anguirus, Red revealed to Zach that he had known him for a long time and that he killed Melissa (meaning he was the cause of her "episodes"). It can be inferred from this that all of the game's abnormalities were caused by Red, who was an actual demon haunting Zach's life and was using the game to torment him before trying to kill him. However, he gets saved by Melissa when Red goes for the killing blow after killing Godzilla. It turns out that she was the blue angel in the graveyard on Extus. She tells him that Red tortures her even after death, and to prevent him from meeting the same fate, unlocks Acacius for him. She also tells him not to give up and that she loves him, which, along with the sheer strength of Acacius, allows him to come out victorious against Red, killing him once and for all. Melissa then revives all of the playable monsters that died in the battle with Red as well as Face. The game ends with her telling him "You have saved us, we are forever grateful. We'll be together again, someday."

The next day, Zach told Billy about the game, showing him the screenshots he had been taking of the game throughout his entire time playing it. They called the friend that Billy got the game from, but he had no clue what happened either. In the following three weeks afterwards, Zach fell into depression, being unable to think of anything but the game. He eventually decided that he needed closure, and to achieve this he would either play the game again or destroy it. However, he could not bring himself to do either, being reminded of the physical pain he felt in the fight with Red when he touched the cartridge, and thinking about Melissa and how playing the game may have saved her soul from being tormented by Red when he tried to throw it in a lake. Ultimately, he decided to sell the game on eBay, and the story ends with a warning from him to whoever buys the game, telling them bluntly to shut it off if they start to feel like it is messing with their mind.


Red returns in Colossal Kaiju Combat


— Text appearing atop the escape levels, commonly associated with Red

Height: 105 meters
Weight: 66,000 metric tons

Red, initially known as 'The Hell Beast', is the main antagonist of the NES Godzilla Creepypasta. In his land form, the most recurrent of his forms, Red appears as a grotesque eyeless face with a gaping mouth attached to a scaly body and tail sustained by four spider-like legs. He has a pair of skinny, long arms ending in three fingered claws. His body is replaced with a fish body in his aquatic form, it gains bat-like wings an his flying form and becomes a long slithering, reptilian structure on his final form.

Red claims to have killed Melissa, also bearing a rivalry with Solomon, whom he calls "TRAITOR". Red appears at the end of every world in a level that forces other monsters to escape from him; Anguirus, Mothra and Godzilla being the mainly targeted. Red is the boss at the last level of the game, taking four different forms. Red devours Mothra in his flying form, paralyzes Zachary on his seat so he cannot turn off the game (creating a life-or-death situation with him), defeats Solomon followed by Anguirus and finally devours Godzilla. Red declares "GAME OVER", but Melissa saves Zach and unlocks Acacius, which ultimately defeats Red lowering his life bar down to zero, making Red shrivel into dust.

Red was one of the planned monsters to appear in Colossal Kaiju Combat as a playable monster before the project was abandoned.[1]


Solomon's concept artwort for Colossal Kaiju Combat


— Solomon's win screen quote, after a level or boss is cleared using him

Height: 95 meters
Weight: 49,000 metric tons

Solomon is a blue-furred, bat-winged humanoid creature with a skull-like head and red eyes. His name is a likely reference to the biblical character King Solomon, who in apocryphal scripts such as The Lesser Key of Solomon obtains the power to control demons. He was one of the monsters that Zach played as, having received him from Face in Extus after Zach answered "Yes" to the question "WOULD YOU LIKE A NEW MONSTER?". He was the strongest monster before Acacius, but was easily defeated by Red's final form. Melissa revives him along with Face, Anguirus, Mothra and Godzilla. Solomon's backstory with Red is unknown, however he is the only demonic-looking creature seemingly not under Red's control and would "rather die" than serve him. Solomon was planned to reappear in the video game Colossal Kaiju Combat as a playable monster.[2]



— Melissa's parting words to Zachary

Melissa is a supporting character and Zachary's middle school girlfriend. She suffered from a mental disorder that caused her to go into "episodes" in which, according to Zach's testimonial, "she would stand or sit perfectly straight and still, and her face would instantly lose any expressions she had before. She would speak very clearly, without any hint of emotion. When it was over, she would start trembling and sometimes bury her face in her hands, and remain silent for several minutes." Despite this, Zach describes her as "a very kind person", and states that he "cared about her dearly." They liked to hang out in a field together and look at the stars, but one night she did not say anything to him; she just staring directly at the Moon, trembling. When Zach tried to talk to her, she suddenly sprung up and ran right into traffic. Despite Zach's attempts to stop her, she got hit by a truck, ending her life. This traumatized Zachary, making him surpress that memory for years.

Zach was reminded of her after beating the Moon Beast on Entropy, the sixth world, with Red saying her name and telling him to take hiw own life. The word "KILL" then repeated on the screen over and over until it formed an image of Red's face. This freaked him out, but he could not convince himself to stop playing the game, and he was determined to make it to the end.

In the final level of the penultimate world, Extus, she appeared in a graveyard, floating over a chapel. Zach initially did not recognize her in-game sprite, identifying her as an angel (it is left to interpretation whether she actually is or not), though he does state that she seemed familiar to him. This peaceful moment was broken when Red appeared, the level transforming into a hellish landscape. Red tried to attack Godzilla (the monster Zach is playing as in the level), but Melissa got in his way, saving Zach at the cost of getting ripped apart and eaten by Red.

When Red is about to break the rules and kill Zach without letting him use Acacius, Melissa saves him, revealing that she was the angel in the graveyard and that Red's statement about him torturing and killing her was true. To ensure that Zach does not meet the same fate, she unlocks Acacius for him to use against Red, telling him not to give up and that she loves him. After Zach successfully kills Red and avenges her death, Melissa revived Face, Solomon, Mothra, Anguirus, and Godzilla, ending the game and thanking Zach for saving them, then reassuring him that they would be together again someday.



Acacius is the strongest monster in the Godzilla Creepypasta; however, Acacius barely managed to defeat Red, almost costing Zach his life. Acacius was hidden in a corner of the last map and was not unlockable until after Melissa saves Zach from Red.



Face is a face that asked questions to Zach when he entered the question marks. Face made 24 different expressions. The questions that Face asked were "Yes" or "No" questions, and he would make an expression every time Zach answered, but the answer would have no effect on the expression Face was going to make. Face asks that if Zach will miss him, and then Zach gets back to the board. In the next world when he enters the trivia level, Face is covered in blood and is dead, existing only as a skull. Melissa later revives him along with Solomon, Anguirus, Mothra and Godzilla.


Godzilla appeared in the game as he was a real playable character in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters. He goes through many levels and most of the worlds. Face takes away Godzilla and Anguirus and leaves only Mothra for Zach to use. Godzilla eventually gets eaten by Red's Final form, but gets revived by Melissa.


Mothra appeared in the game as she was a real playable character in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters. She goes through many levels and all the worlds. In Entropy, Face takes away Godzilla and Anguirus and leaves only Mothra for Zach to use. Mothra eventually gets eaten by Red's flying form, but gets revived by Melissa.


Anguirus does not appear as a playable character in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters through normal means, but he is playable in the Creepypasta's game. Face gave Anguirus to Zach in Dementia. He is a fast monster that can roll up into a ball and attack, as well as swim easily. Face takes away Godzilla and Anguirus in Entropy and leaves only Mothra for Zach to use. Anguirus eventually gets killed by Final Red, but gets revived by Melissa.

New monsters

Monsters that never appeared in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters but were added to Zach's game. These monsters do not have "Not-versions" of themselves.


Titanosaurus appears in Mars. He was taller than Godzilla and was not glitchy. The battle used Gezora's theme.


Biollante appeared in Pathos. Zach noted how the movie she first appeared in did not come out until one year after this game was released, concluding she might have originally been in the game to promote the upcoming film. She started out in her rose form and then evolved into her final form, with the ability to fire her corrosive sap. She had Hedorah's theme.


Orga appeared in Trance. Zach noted that the movie he first appeared in was not released until 11 years after this game was released, making it impossible that the cartridge he was playing on was some sort of prototype. Orga's primary attacks were a punch and a beam from his shoulder cavity. But once Zach had got him down to half his health, he would expand his jaws and try to swallow Godzilla, in the process stealing his health and energy. The battle used Baragon's and Moguera's theme.


Maguma appeared as a mini-boss in the Tundra level in Dementia. Maguma's fighting tactics were very simple; he had a freeze beam, and he could charge into Zach. Maguma did not die when Zach defeated him; instead he turned tail and retreated.


Manda appeared in Dementia. When it realized one tactic was ineffective against Zach, it would immediately change to a different one. Manda used attacks such as spitting fire, biting, and constricting. The Atragon appeared in Zach's battle with them and tried to help, but was easily destroyed. The battle used Varan's theme.


SpaceGodzilla appeared in Dementia. SpaceGodzilla would use his energy to create two flying crystals, which would reach the ground and become crystal spires. These spires blocked Zach from reaching SpaceGodzilla, but they also allowed SpaceGodzilla to constantly recharge to full energy, and blast Zach with a deadly fully charged Corona Beam until Zach broke the spires. SpaceGodzilla would eventually drain his own spires of energy until they shattered, but waiting for that to happen would drain your life. Atomic breath beams actually seemed to re-energize the spires, so Zach had to use physical attacks. SpaceGodzilla does everything in his power to knock Zach back to the left corner of the screen, so he can create more spires. The battle used Mechagodzilla's theme.

The Giant Condor

The Giant Condor appeared in a level in Entropy as a regular enemy.


Battra appeared in Entropy. He appeared in both his Larval and Imago forms. Larva Battra fought in a similar fashion as Maguma did, charging back and forth and occasionally firing off lightning from his horn. Imago Battra is much like fighting a clone of Mothra, although Battra is distinctly faster and stronger. After Battra changed into his Imago stage, he now had a powerful eye beam. Battra could change direction just like Mothra could, so Zach's fight with Battra involved a lot of flipping and flying around. The battle used Varan's music.


Megalon appeared in Entropy. He was a lot like Moguera, but faster, and with more weapons. He started out his fight with Zach by charging off with his drills. After a few seconds, he would step back, turn around and start spitting out grenades, which would bounce when they hit the bottom of the screen. Afterwards, he started spamming his lightning beam, which only went straight forward. The battle used Gigan's music.


Gorosaurus appeared in Extus. Gorosaurus had no projectile attacks, or anything else that could match Solomon's claws. But Zach kept the fight going just long enough to see if Gorosaurus would use his iconic Kangaroo Kick, which he did. The battle had Gezora's music.


Kumonga appeared in Extus. He attacked Godzilla by jumping on him, stabbing with his mandibles, and using his signature webbing stream to paralyze Zach's monster. Once his opponent was webbed, Kumonga would sometimes take the opportunity to attack, but it was mostly a way to buy time. The battle had Hedorah's theme.


A Dorat appeared as a replacement for the Showa King Ghidorah in Extus. After two hits, the Dorat transformed into Chimera.

King Ghidorah

The Heisei King Ghidorah, called "King Ghidorah" in the Creepypasta (in Godzilla: Monsters of Monsters, the Showa Ghidorah was simply called "Ghidorah"), appeared in Zenith. He first battled as King Ghidorah and later transformed into Mecha-King Ghidorah. The battle used the same theme as the original Ghidorah battle, while the Mecha-King Ghidorah battle used the latter's theme from the SNES game Super Godzilla.


Destoroyah appeared in Zenith with all of his forms. Each form had more health, more attacks and was harder than the previous one. Microscopic Destoroyah took one hit from Anguirus. Juvenile Destoroyah took a few more hits and also had a few attacks. Aggregate Destoroyah had more hits and had large arms and a micro-oxygen beam. When flying Destoroyah appeared, Zach used Mothra. Destoroyah entered his final form sooner than expected and Zach had to avoid his attacks and wait until the timer ran out. Final form Destoroyah was very resistant to taking damage and was very powerful. Zach used Godzilla, Anguirus and Solomon to fight Perfect Destoroyah. On his last life bar, Destoroyah tried to counter-attack with a large beam from his floral-patterned chest. However, before Destoroyah could release the attack, Godzilla clawed Destoroyah's chest and defeated him. The battle used Ghidorah's theme.


Not-Monsters are the name Zach gives to the grotesque monsters that replace all of the original enemy monsters from Godzilla: Monster of Monsters.


Moguera's replacement first appeared in Pathos.


Gezora's replacement first appeared in Pathos.


Varan's replacement first appeared in Trance.


Hedorah's replacement first appeared in Trance.


Baragon's replacement first appeared in Dementia.


Gigan's replacement first appeared in Dementia.


Mechagodzilla's replacement first appeared in Entropy. It started out as Fake Godzilla, then turned into a normal Mechagodzilla with more attacks that his film counterpart had, and then transformed into Not-Mechagodzilla.


Chimera is what the Dorat (Showa King Ghidorah's replacement) transformed into after Zach killed it with two hits. All Not-Monsters had to be fought before the Chimera, and its body was made of the other monsters' bodies. The Chimera is a centaur-like creature with an upper body resembling a samurai. He wields a massive sword.


A sequel for the Creepypasta, titled Godzilla: Replay, is currently on YouTube. The story focuses on another person named Carl, who got the game after Zach sold it on eBay. The game seems to have changed from when it was in Zach's hands.


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