Go! Godman and Go! Greenman Release Anniversary

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The Go! Godman and Go! Greenman Release Anniversary (行け!ゴッドマン&行け!グリーンマン発売記念,   Ike! Goddoman & Ike! Gurīnman Hatsubai Kinen) was a stage show held at the main stage of the Character Convention Gate of the Next on July 20, 2008.[1]


Tsunozillas, Gaira, Shilarji, Kappalge appear along with the mysterious Shogun Shinada. The heroes Godman and Greenman then appear to defeat the rampant kaiju but are overpowered, until the yokai-hunting hero Kotaro Ushiwaka appears to even out the score.


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  • This stage show marks Kotaro Ushiwaka's first media appearance since 1975.
    • The costume for Kotaro Ushiwaka was created by Fuyuki Shinada specifically for this stage show, and hasn't been used elsewhere since.[1]
  • On the same day as the stage show, attendants could purchase DVDs from the Return of the Good Morning! Heroes: Go! Go! Godman and Greenman box set as well as re-releases of the Godman Bullmark figure. An autograph session was also held where an autograph from Godman could be purchased.[1]
    • The Godman Greenman Modeling Commentary (ゴッドマン・グリーンマン 造型解説,   Goddoman Gurīnman Zōkei Kaisetsu) and a question and answer were also held after the stage show.[1]
  • At some point during the stage show, Greenman is seen using Godman's iconic God-Crush.


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