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Godzilla (2014 film)
Image gallery for Godzilla (2014 film)/Videos
Godzilla (2014 film) soundtrack
Development of Godzilla (2014 film)

This is a video gallery for Godzilla (2014).


Filming at Richmond, British Columbia
Making of the Godzilla Roar
Behind the Roar
Creating the Animalistic and Masculine Kaiju
VFX Shots by Jonathan Freisler
MPC VFX Breakdown
Behind the Scenes for the FIAT Godzilla commercial
From Script to Screen: Godzilla's Arrival - Tidal Wave Scene
From Script to Screen: Joe Held in Confinement


Teaser Trailer
Japanese Trailer 1
Japanese Trailer 2
Japanese Trailer 3
Main Trailer
French/Canadian Main Trailer
International Trailer
Godzilla Extended Look Trailer
Asia Trailer

TV spots

Japanese TV spot #1
Japanese TV spot #2
Japanese TV spot #3
Japanese TV spot #4
Japanese TV spot #5
Japanese TV spot #6
Japanese TV spot #7
Japanese TV spot #8
Japanese TV spot #9
It Can't Be Stopped TV spot
Spanish It Can't Be Stopped TV spot
I Can't Believe This Is Happening TV spot
Whatever It Takes TV spot
Courage TV spot
Nature Has An Order TV spot
You're Hiding Something TV spot
In Theaters Friday TV spot
Lights Out TV spot
Now Playing TV spot
Awaken TV spot
#1 Movie in the World TV spot
Available Now on Digital HD TV spot #1
Available Now on Digital HD TV spot #2


"You need to get out of here"
"I deserve answers"
Monster Mash
"This is my job"
"Let them fight"
Briefing Room
MUTO Hatches
Second MUTO
Battle SF
H.A.L.O. Jump


Director Interview
Andy Serkis Interview
Bryan Cranston Interview
Gareth Edwards Interview
Elizabeth Olsen Interview
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Interview
David Strathairn Interview
Sally Hawkins Interview
Juliette Binoche Interview
Why Does Bryan Cranston Hate Godzilla?!

Special features

Godzilla Revelation - Bikini Island
M.U.T.O Files - Bikini Island
Godzilla Revelation - Philippines
M.U.T.O Files - Philippines
Godzilla Revelation - Japan
M.U.T.O Files - Japan

Product tie-ins

Snickers commercial
Snickers commercial (extended)
FIAT commercial
Takis commercial


Godzilla Encounter Reactions @ SDCC 2013 HD
Godzilla Cast & Director Visit the Godzilla Encounter
Godzilla in Cinemas Procinal
Godzilla Global Reaction
(Godzilla 8-bit) Own Godzilla September 16
Official ZBrush SUMMIT 2015 Presentation - MPC
Clean version of the video Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and Dr. Vivienne Graham show Ford Brody
Monsterverse Watchalong: Godzilla


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