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The box for Godzilla Game
Godzilla Game
Publisher Mattel
Languages English
Genre Strategy
Not to be confused with the 2014/2015 PlayStation 3/PS4 video game, 'Bandai Namco's Godzilla'.

Godzilla Game is a board game manufactured by Mattel in 1978.


"Load the spaceships on the Space Platform! Whirl the Space Spinner! Rotate the Space Platform! Watch Godzilla Spring out and grab a spaceship! No one knows when! Player with the last spaceship left wins the game!"


The game includes the Space Spinner, the moving Space Platform on a Space Base, 24 multi-colored spaceships and instructions.


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Toy Line
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6 months ago
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hmm... I would've want this as a kid. It looks fun and interesting.