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Crisis Control Intelligence (CCI) (危機管理情報局,   Kiki kanri jōhō-kyoku, lit. Crisis Management Information Bureau) is an agency founded by Mitsuo Katagiri to study and eliminate threats to Japan, most notably Godzilla. It plays a role in the events of the 1999 Godzilla film Godzilla 2000: Millennium.

Key People[edit | edit source]

Mitsuo Katagiri[edit | edit source]

The mad C.E.O. and founder of CCI. He had wanted the protagonist of the film Godzilla 2000, Shinoda to join the company. However, Shinoda had refused since Katagiri really created the company to kill Godzilla when Shinoda claimed Godzilla must be studied because he's a "gold mind of knowledge". When the Millenian UFO had attacked and inhabited the large computer system building in the middle climax, he ordered the military to destroy the UFO using the astro-bombs to asslimate the roof. He had ignored Miyasaka's warnings and the pleading of Shinoda's wife and daughter that Shinoda is still in the building and only 30 minutes are left to activate the bombs. Later, he had watched the UFO unharmed from the bombs and now able to still be awake without the sun energy. For the first time, he had realized that only Godzilla can now defeat and destroy the UFO. At the near climax of the film, Godzilla killed him off by slamming him into the building when ironically and with no coincidence, Katagiri tried to kill him. Later, Shinoda claims that "Godzilla is in each one of us", as the green kaiju protects Japan as well.

Shiro Miyasaka[edit | edit source]

A marine biologist and the head genetist of Crisis Control Institute. After graduating college with Shinoda, he was hired by Katagiri to come join the company. Miyasaka agreed while Shinoda refused to work for Katagiri. He had discovered the Millenian UFO first with his research crew. He later blamed himself for letting the UFO fly away and attack the city. He later gave access to Shinoda to enter the building the UFO was on top on since a CCI official must give permission. Then, he at the end claimed, referencing the first film We scientists have created this monster, and ever sine we tried to destroy him.


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