Honest John Missile Launcher

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Honest John Missile Launcher
Honest John Missile Launchers in Rodan
Height 4.5 meters[citation needed]
Length 8 meters[citation needed]
Targets Rodan
Piloted by Multiple

The Honest John Missile Launcher is an American ballistic missile launcher utilized in the 1956 Toho film, Rodan.


Showa era


After the two Rodans destroyed the city of Fukuoka, it was discovered that they were hiding inside the crater of Mount Aso. The JSDF sent several Honest John Missile Launchers to the crater, and trained them on the crater wall. The launchers were fired, creating a small earthquake which caused the volcano to erupt and forced the giant Pterosaurs to take to the air. Another Honest John missile struck one of the two kaiju and sent it falling into the lava flow, with the second joining it soon afterwards in grief, unable to live without its partner.


  • The Honest John Missile Launcher is one of the few ground-based conventional military vehicles to have defeated or killed a kaiju.


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