MGR-1 Honest John

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MGR-1 Honest John
MGR-1 Honest Johns in Rodan
Length 8.3 meters
Weight 2,640 kilograms
Targets Rodans, Mysterian Dome

The MGR-1 Honest John is an American surface-to-surface missile system utilized in the Toho films Rodan and The Mysterians.


Showa era


After the two Rodans destroyed the city of Fukuoka, it was discovered that they were hiding inside the crater of Mount Aso. The JSDF sent several tanks and Honest John launchers to the crater. Their assault soon caused the volcano to erupt and forced the winged beasts to take to the air. But the toxic fumes of the eruption soon overcame then, and they fell into the lava flow, where the flames consumed them.

The Mysterians

To be added.

Heisei era

Negadon: The Monster from Mars

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  • The real JSDF never fielded Honest John rockets, and their presence in these films goes unexplained. Presumably, they are on loan from the United States, called in due to the extraordinary circumstances.
  • Though capable of carrying nuclear warheads, Honest Johns are outfitted exclusively with conventional payloads in these films.


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