Warrior of Light Diamond Eye (1973-74)

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Toho Company, Limited Series
Warrior of Light Diamond Eye
Warrior of Light Diamond Eye

Air Date October 5, 1973 - March 29, 1974
Produced by Masayoshi Kataoka
Etsuo Yamamoto
Distributed by Toho, NET
Channel NET
Genre Tokusatsu
Episodes 26

Warrior of Light Diamond Eye (ダイヤモンド・アイ,   Daiyamondo Ai, lit. Diamond Eye) is a Japanese tokusatsu television program co-produced by Toho and NET that aired from October 5, 1973 to March 29, 1974.


Warrior of Light Diamond Eye focuses on the life of young reporter Rai Kotaru, who had been on the trail of a ring of gem thieves. But, Rai is faced with an evil that threatens all of Asia, the Zensei Majin who had been in disguise. Luckily, the man's life was saved by a good spirit named Diamond Eye who had appeared from one of the stolen diamond rings. From that day on the diamond hero entrusted the ring in Rai, and when he was in need of help, Diamond Eye would appear and protect him.


  1. My Name is Diamond Eye
  2. Defeat the Zensei Majin!
  3. Operation Hurricane Ready!
  4. Don't be Discouraged, Raikou
  5. The Vanished 2 Billion!
  6. Raikou Cornered!
  7. Smash the Wall of Death!!
  8. Chase the Mastermind!
  9. The Jewelry Exhibition Conspiracy!
  10. Mojingah's Great Counterattack
  11. Kerarin's Great Challenge
  12. Gerarachin's Attack
  13. King Cobra's Great Battle!
  14. A New Enemy: Princess Cobra
  15. Devil's Den!! Hitodetsubo's Fierce Attack
  16. Secret Technique!! Lightning of Wareatama
  17. Kero Cat's Great Game
  18. Onikabuton's Great Escape
  19. King Cobra's Great Revival
  20. Hitodetsubo's Great Tornado from Hell
  21. King Cobra's Great Execution Strategy
  22. Princess Cobra's Great Deathmatch
  23. The Great Diamond Eye Obliteration Strategy
  24. The Great Dynamite Strategy
  25. The Great Secret Factory Strategy
  26. King Cobra's Final Battle


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Masahiro Takase, Rokushika Eiyu, and Ken Yamada
  • Produced by   Masayoshi Kataoka and Etsuo Yamamoto
  • Music by   Ikeda Takaharu
  • Assistant Directing by   Takaaki Nakamura
  • Planning by   Eto Kimihiko
  • Screenplay by   Tsunehisa Ito and Tatsuo Tamura
  • Photography by   Tajima Fumio
  • Editing by   Kunio Shimizu


Characters and Monsters

Vehicles, Weapons, and Races

Video Releases

Pioneer LDC (2003)[1]

  • Released: March 3, 2003
  • Region: Region 2
  • Language: Japanese
  • Format: Color, Dolby, Limited Edition
  • Other Details: 1.33:1 aspect ratio, 650 minutes run time, 5 discs


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