"He Came From Outer Space"

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Godziban episodes
"Son of Minilla"
"He Came From Outer Space"
"G vs. G / I Am Godzilla-kun!"
"He Came From Outer Space"
He Came From Outer Space
Series Godziban (Go! Go! Godzilla-kun)
Episode # 18 (overall), 9 (Go! Go! Godzilla-kun)
Directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Written by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Air date December 9, 2019

"He Came From Outer Space" (宇宙 (うちゅう)から ()たあいつの (まき),   Uchū kara Kita Aitsu no Maki) is the eighteenth overall episode of Godziban and the ninth episode of its Go! Go! Godzilla-kun segment. Toho's Godzilla Channel uploaded it to YouTube on December 9, 2019, with an English-subtitled version on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO channel following on December 26, 2021.


Godzilla-kun explains to Minilla and Little their rigorous training regimen for the day, which includes jumping from one cliff to another while carrying a boulder and walking on lava. They question what this training is actually for, as they have no plans to fight any of the monsters they know. Godzilla-kun explains that the skills they develop will train their minds and help them protect others. Before they begin, he uses his atomic breath to bake sweet potatoes for them. As they eat, a meteor crashes nearby, releasing the cyborg monster Gigan.

Gigan first encounters Baragon, who is delighted to meet a monster from outer space. Taken aback at first, Gigan then challenges him to a match, which he misinterprets as a hole-digging contest, and attacks him with his Hammer Hands. He does the same to Anguirus, who is similarly uninterested in fighting him. Meanwhile, Godzilla-kun and Minilla take a nap, while Little heads out to train by himself. Gigan's third encounter is with Moshu-Moshu, who he decides not to battle, concluding that she must be too weak to bother with. As she crawls past him, her eyes gleam. Watching from afar, Grandpa Hedo comments that she has spared his life.


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