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The Virasians in Gamera vs. Viras
Leader Virasian Boss
Pawns Viras (collective form),
Gamera (temporarily)
Homeworld Planet Viras
Forms Human disguises, true forms, Viras
Enemies Humans
First appearance Gamera vs. Viras

Virasians (バイラス人,   Bairasujin, lit. Viras People) are a race of squid-like aliens from the Planet Viras who appeared in the 1968 Daiei Gamera film Gamera vs. Viras.


The race's Gamera, Gappa, Guilala Special Effects Encyclopedia trading card gives it the English name Alien Viras. The leader of the Virasian expedition force, who remains undisguised aboard the Virasian UFO, is referred to as the Boss (ボス,   Bosu) by his comrades.


Most of the time, Virasians appear under human disguises to blend into society. However, they can be told apart from other humans by the fact that their eyes glow a faint yellow when they are in darker areas, as this benefits their eyesight. When their disguises are lost, all Virasians resemble smaller versions of their vanguard Kaiju, Viras.


Showa era

Gamera vs. Viras

A race of aliens looking for new planets to conquer, the Virasians set their sights on Earth, as its vast quantities of atmospheric nitrogen, an element essential to their survival, made it an ideal target. An initial expedition force of Virasians were sent out aboard their spaceship, which was approaching Earth, being heard but not seen. Gamera attacked the spaceship and set it on fire. Before the ship exploded, the Virasians managed to send a distress signal to their home planet, and more Virasians traveled to Earth, intending to launch a full-scale invasion. All but one of the second expedition force changed into human disguises, and later took two Japanese boy scouts hostage after learning of Gamera's love for children. This allowed them to take control of Gamera through the use of their mind control device. After Gamera broke free of the Mind Control and incapacitated their UFO, the Virasian Boss commanded his comrades to shed their human disguises, and then proceeded to fuse himself with the others into their collective form, Viras. Ultimately, all of the Virasians died as Viras after Gamera froze him in the upper atmosphere, but it is possible that more were plotting to invade in the future.



  • The Virasians are one example of an alien race whose individuals could be considered kaiju in their own right; another example of this are the Millennians.
  • Because the Virasians who merged into Viras were only part of a small expedition force to Earth, it is highly likely that more of them exist on their home planet.
  • In Gamera: Super Monster, Giruge refers to Viras as "Zanon," a name also used for the film's main antagonist. Whether this means that Zanon is a Virasian or not is unclear, as the film uses Zanon's name to refer to multiple items in the film.
  • Like the Terrans, who are named after their home planet, Terra, it is possible that the Virasians' home planet is named after them.


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