Godzilla Fest 2019 digest movie

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Godziban episodes
"Smack It, Godzilla Brothers!"
Godzilla Fest 2019 digest movie
"Red Balloon"
Godzilla Fest 2019 digest movie
ShoGoji faces off against King Ghidorah
Series Godziban
Episode # 14
Directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Written by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Air date November 8, 2019

The "Godzilla Fest 2019 Godziban live show digest movie" (『ゴジラ・フェス2019』ゴジばん生上演ダイジェストムービー,   Gojira Fesu Nisenjūkyū Gojiban namajōen daijesuto mūbī) is an edited recording of a Godziban Godzilla Fest 2019 performance from November 3 which served as the series' fourteenth episode. It was released to YouTube on November 8, 2019.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Godzilla-kun, Little, and Minilla bring a stone shaped like Mothra's seal to the wizened ShoGoji. The trio encounters a Mothra egg resting on a hill. Unable to reach it by climbing, Godzilla-kun resorts to smacking the hill with his tail, causing the egg to fall and bounce off his head. Minilla and Little catch it. A trio of Dorats swoop in and attempt to seize the egg. Godzilla-kun tries to fight them off, but they dodge his tail swings and telekinetically hurl a boulder at him. ShoGoji faces them next, stopping another boulder in midair with his own psychic abilities. Undeterred, the Dorats combine into the towering King Ghidorah. ShoGoji seems outmatched, but transforms into an equally massive Godzilla and drives off the three-headed dragon with a blast of atomic breath. The Shobijin convey their gratitude through the stone while Moshu Moshu hatches from the egg.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

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Monsters[edit | edit source]

Opening Godzilla Fest 2019 montage[edit | edit source]

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Videos[edit | edit source]

Full episode


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