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Toho Special Effects Collection Card (東宝特撮コレクションカード,   Tōhō Tokusatsu Korekushon Kādo) is a collectible Godzilla card series exclusive to Godzilla Store. Yasushi Kishikawa writes the card text, while Fujimura Taka of Cast handles the coloring. A total of five 33-card sets have been released since June 1, 2018. Packs of four random cards can be purchased from the Godzilla Store for ¥400 each. A special 11-card set to tie in to the GODZILLA anime trilogy was released during the theatrical premiere of GODZILLA: The Planet Eater in select theaters in Japan. Promotional (PR) cards are released intermittently. A special card holder that holds up to 64 cards and includes PR 4 was released with Volume 3.


Card # Name
Vol. 1 (Released June 2018)
TSECC - 01.jpg
01 The King of the Monsters Godzilla Appears!!
TSECC - 02.jpg
02 Godzilla or King Kong, Who is Stronger!?
TSECC - 03.jpg
03 He's After the Giant Beached Egg!
TSECC - 04.jpg
04 Flying Monster Dogfight!
TSECC - 05.jpg
05 King Ghidorah, the Strongest Monster that Destroyed Venus!
TSECC - 06.jpg
06 The Robot Monster Born to Defeat Godzilla!
TSECC - 07.jpg
07 The Bio Monster! A Fusion of Plant and Animal!
TSECC - 08.jpg
08 The Subterranean Monster of Terror that Appeared from Underground!
TSECC - 09.jpg
09 The Kind-Hearted Giant Raised by Humans
TSECC - 10.jpg
10 Defeat the Monsters with a Super Mecha Attack!
TSECC - 11.jpg
11 The Kilaak Invasion Weapon!
TSECC - 12.jpg
12 A Monumental Kaiju Movie! The First Film that Changed the World
TSECC - 13.jpg
13 The Dream Japanese-American Monster Showdown!
TSECC - 14.jpg
14 Monster Stars Clash with an Eternal Evil
TSECC - 15.jpg
15 Godzilla, Revived by the Power of Lightning!
TSECC - 16.jpg
16 Toho Monsters Overrun the World!
TSECC - 17.jpg
17 A Wake-Up Call to Marine Pollution
TSECC - 18.jpg
18 The Giant Robot Jet Jaguar Appears!
TSECC - 19.jpg
19 The Formidable Foe Mechagodzilla is Reborn!
TSECC - 20.jpg
20 The Covert Operations of G-Cell Spies
TSECC - 21.jpg
21 3 Giant Monsters Converge in Yokohama!
TSECC - 22.jpg
22 A Godzilla Born from Godzilla!!
TSECC - 23.jpg
23 The Shocking Submersion of Shibuya!
TSECC - 24.jpg
24 The Anti-Godzilla Weapon Type-3 Kiryu Appears!
TSECC - 25.jpg
25 The King of the Monsters Godzilla Appears from Antarctica!!
TSECC - 26.jpg
26 The Impending Crisis of Japan's Destruction!!
TSECC - 27.jpg
27 The Flying Squirrel-Type Monster Appears!
TSECC - 28.jpg
28 The All-Purpose Battleship, Gotengo!!
TSECC - 29.jpg
29 Toho's First Color Kaiju Film!
TSECC - 30.jpg
30 A Model for Review?
TSECC - 31.jpg
31 The World's Largest Special Effects Pool
TSECC - 32.jpg
32 Attack Helicopters are Prepared for Attack!
TSECC - 33.jpg
33 Osaka Castle is Destroyed!
Vol. 2 (Released July 2018)
TSECC - 34.jpg
34 Fierce Battle with the Formidable Enemy Ebirah
TSECC - 35.jpg
35 The Monster Corps vs. an Alien!
TSECC - 36.jpg
36 A Fierce Battle Between Godzilla and a Robot!
TSECC - 37.jpg
37 A Child of Environmental Pollution!
TSECC - 38.jpg
38 The Strongest Anti-Godzilla Weapon
TSECC - 39.jpg
39 The God of Destruction, Black Mothra
TSECC - 40.jpg
40 A Fearsome Healing Factor
TSECC - 41.jpg
41 A Godzilla Evolved in a Black Hole!
TSECC - 42.jpg
42 An Anti-Godzilla Weapon to Surpass Mechagodzilla!
TSECC - 43.jpg
43 A Righteous Robot Faithful to Humanity
TSECC - 44.jpg
44 The Brutal Cyborg Monster
TSECC - 45.jpg
45 The Insect Monster Guardian of an Undersea Kingdom
TSECC - 46.jpg
46 The Guardian Deity of Okinawa Wondrously Retaliates Twofold!
TSECC - 47.jpg
47 The All-Purpose Submarine Attacks!
TSECC - 48.jpg
48 The Evil Submarine Aiming to Destroy a Utopia
TSECC - 49.jpg
49 Godzilla and Anguirus, Awakened by Hydrogen Bomb Testing!
TSECC - 50.jpg
50 The 2-Monster Showdown of the Century!
TSECC - 51.jpg
51 Godzilla Goes to Space!!
TSECC - 52.jpg
52 A New Reality! The Child of Godzilla is Born!
TSECC - 53.jpg
53 Minilla Flourishes on Monster Island!
TSECC - 54.jpg
54 The Mortal Combat of a Space Monster Duo!
TSECC - 55.jpg
55 Godzilla's Rival Mechagodzilla Appears!
TSECC - 56.jpg
56 Godzilla's 30th Anniversary Work
TSECC - 57.jpg
57 Mecha-King Ghidorah Suddenly Appears!
TSECC - 58.jpg
58 The Birth of the Anti-Godzilla Weapon!
TSECC - 59.jpg
59 The Negative Legacy of the Oxygen Destroyer
TSECC - 60.jpg
60 A Unique Fusion of Monsters and Horror!
TSECC - 61.jpg
61 A Person Enters Inside!
TSECC - 62.jpg
62 The Craftsmanship to Express the Giant Feeling of a Monster
TSECC - 63.jpg
63 Multiple Images in One!
TSECC - 64.jpg
64 He Did It! Godzilla's One-Armed Shoulder Throw!!
TSECC - 65.jpg
65 What is Fake Godzilla's True Form......?
TSECC - 66.jpg
66 Bring Down Gigan With All Your Might!
Vol. 3 (Released November 2018)
TSECC - 67.jpg
67 Godzilla's Meltdown Draws Near!
TSECC - 68.jpg
68 Rebirth! The New Century Godzilla Appears!!
TSECC - 69.jpg
69 The Scariest, Evil, White-Eyed Godzilla Appears!!
TSECC - 70.jpg
70 The Monster that Destroyed an Ancient Civilization Appears!!
TSECC - 71.jpg
71 She Landed in Tokyo After the Shobijin!!
TSECC - 72.jpg
72 The Giant Flying Moth, Mothra!!
TSECC - 73.jpg
73 The First Monster to Fight Godzilla
TSECC - 74.jpg
74 The Gliding Flying Squirrel Monster!
TSECC - 75.jpg
75 The Guardian of the Earth's Rainbow-Colored Wings Shine
TSECC - 76.jpg
76 The Space Monster that Eradicated the Dinosaurs
TSECC - 77.jpg
77 The Terrifying Humanoid Monster that Devours Humans!!
TSECC - 78.jpg
78 What is the Identity of the Cold-Bodied Monster!?
TSECC - 79.jpg
79 The Legendary Dragon Appears!?
TSECC - 80.jpg
80 What are the True Intentions of the Elusive Human Vapor?
TSECC - 81.jpg
81 The Latest Craft in the Super X Series
TSECC - 82.jpg
82 Cut Off the Electromagnetic Waves Controlling the Monsters!!
TSECC - 83.jpg
83 Nullify the Micro Oxygen!
TSECC - 84.jpg
84 A Giant UFO Against Godzilla
TSECC - 85.jpg
85 A Godzilla of Collected Hatred Appears!
TSECC - 86.jpg
86 Godzilla and Kiryu Face Off for a Second Time!
TSECC - 87.jpg
87 The Overseas Re-Edit of an American Cut
TSECC - 88.jpg
88 The "Toho Champion Festival" Version of Destroy All Monsters
TSECC - 89.jpg
89 A Parasite from Space Has Created Monsters!!
TSECC - 90.jpg
90 A Great Battle Over Venus!!
TSECC - 91.jpg
91 A Richly-Colored Insect Monster!!
TSECC - 92.jpg
92 Will Humanity or the Mysterians Be Victorious!?
TSECC - 93.jpg
93 Change the Earth's Orbit!
TSECC - 94.jpg
94 Godzilla Miniature
TSECC - 95.jpg
95 The Craftsmanship Behind Making Monsters Look Giant
TSECC - 96.jpg
96 Filming a Blue Background for Compositing
TSECC - 97.jpg
97 A Sea Dragon Against the New Undersea Warship
TSECC - 98.jpg
98 Godzilla Fights Against the Three-Headed Dragon!!
TSECC - 99.jpg
99 Anguirus' Bite Attack!
Vol. 4 (Released October 2019)
TSECC - 100.jpg
100 Name
TSECC - 101.jpg
101 Name
TSECC - 102.jpg
102 Name
TSECC - 103.jpg
103 Name
TSECC - 104.jpg
104 Name
TSECC - 105.jpg
105 Name
TSECC - 106.jpg
106 Name
TSECC - 107.jpg
107 Name
TSECC - 108.jpg
108 Name
TSECC - 109.jpg
109 Name
TSECC - 110.jpg
110 Name
TSECC - 111.jpg
111 Name
TSECC - 112.jpg
112 Name
TSECC - 113.jpg
113 Name
TSECC - 114.jpg
114 Name
TSECC - 115.jpg
115 Name
TSECC - 116.jpg
116 Name
TSECC - 117.jpg
117 Name
TSECC - 118.jpg
118 Name
TSECC - 119.jpg
119 Name
TSECC - 120.jpg
120 Name
TSECC - 121.jpg
121 Name
TSECC - 122.jpg
122 Name
TSECC - 123.jpg
123 Name
TSECC - 124.jpg
124 Name
TSECC - 125.jpg
125 Name
TSECC - 126.jpg
126 Name
TSECC - 127.jpg
127 Name
TSECC - 128.jpg
128 Name
TSECC - 129.jpg
129 Name
TSECC - 130.jpg
130 Name
TSECC - 131.jpg
131 Name
TSECC - 132.jpg
132 Name
Vol. 5 (Released July 2020)
Test Image.png
133 Name
Test Image.png
134 Name
Test Image.png
135 Name
Test Image.png
136 Name
Test Image.png
137 Name
Test Image.png
138 Name
Test Image.png
139 Name
Test Image.png
140 Name
Test Image.png
141 Name
Test Image.png
142 Name
Test Image.png
143 Name
Test Image.png
144 Name
Test Image.png
145 Name
Test Image.png
146 Name
Test Image.png
147 Name
Test Image.png
148 Name
Test Image.png
149 Name
Test Image.png
150 Name
Test Image.png
151 Name
Test Image.png
152 Name
Test Image.png
153 Name
Test Image.png
154 Name
Test Image.png
155 Name
Test Image.png
156 Name
Test Image.png
157 Name
Test Image.png
158 Name
Test Image.png
159 Name
Test Image.png
160 Name
Test Image.png
161 Name
Test Image.png
162 Name
Test Image.png
163 Name
Test Image.png
164 Name
Test Image.png
165 Name
Anime Godzilla Edition
TSECCAGE - 1.jpg
1 A Godzilla Born from Godzilla!?
TSECCAGE - 2.jpg
2 The First Unknown Giant Creature Encountered by Humanity
TSECCAGE - 3.jpg
3 The Symbol of Fear. God's Beast.
TSECCAGE - 4.jpg
4 The Space Monster that Destroyed London
TSECCAGE - 5.jpg
5 An Anti-Godzilla War Machine!!
TSECCAGE - 6.jpg
6 The Legendary Space Monster Appears!!
TSECCAGE - 7.jpg
7 The East and West Crossroads are Destroyed!!
TSECC - 57.jpg
57 Mecha-King Ghidorah Suddenly Appears!
(foil variant from Vol.2)
TSECCAGE - 8.jpg
8 A Monster Whose Bacteria Leads to Death!!
TSECC - 05.jpg
05 King Ghidorah, the Strongest Monster that Destroyed Venus!
(foil variant from Vol.1)
TSECCAGE - 9.png
9 Godzilla is Critically Attacked from Another Dimension!


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